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1610.10 (1,377th)
25,204 (5,075th)
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Title Δ
cannot get two inputs in brainf**k 0.00
Can we assign const char* to a string in cpp? 0.00
Unexpected result of std::is_invocable over a template type 0.00
sending tcp data every 10 seconds - but actually send each 20 seconds 0.00
boost::thread vs std::thread vs pthread 0.00
Check EOF state of getline only happen on first char in the line, h... 0.00
Can anyone explain to me this "Access violation writing locati... 0.00
Can I have an ELI5 for references and pointers and when to use them? +1.16
size of template parameter pack pointer +0.31
What kind of automatic type conversion is happening when calling st... +1.82
Nanosecond-level C++ program idling / throttling +0.96
How to determine the appropriate identifier of conditional inclusio... +1.24
Remove line break after single-statement if with clang-format -0.64
the location of delete in the class to delete pointer data member +1.57
Is there any use for std::nullptr_t except to disambiguate nullptr... 0.00
Change sorting function of priority queue during runtime +2.36
Automatic conversions and promotions in function calls in C++ 0.00
what actually sets the _WIN32 or _WIN64 preprocessor? +1.53
float or double type depend on size of pointer -0.92
string addition associativity in cpp -2.07
How do I serialise/deserialise a std::vector<bool> most effic... +2.02
How do I make variable in for loop bigger that in was +0.33
Is it possible in C++ to use ternary operator to select a compariso... +1.61
Issue with memory leak -2.69
int main() and void main() which one is faster? 0.00
Is this bad practice?: allocating space for a function and then del... 0.00
What does the "72" mean for "gcc72-c++" 0.00
C++ primer 5 edition: count reference and underlying pointers -1.28
Print class objects with specific variable value in common 0.00
What is the Java returning null equivalent in C++? +0.00
how to split an integer and add everything to an array? +0.57
Use default container but custom comparator in priority_queue -0.40
Easier way for multiple if-else tests +0.24
Why doesn't static_cast work when I divide two integers? 0.00
Counting backwards in array. [-1] +0.35
which object calls constructor faster? +1.63
what is msvc_x64_x64 and how is different from msvc_x64 0.00
How do i structure templates so they're polymorphic? 0.00
Is it legal to move elements from standard containers? +1.92
Deleting this pointer from constructor 0.00
Should I include <tuple>? +1.40
Cannot access base class' protected method in assignment operator 0.00
Calling non-const function of another class by reference from const... -0.62
Implicit conversion between std::filesystem::path and std::string,... -1.42
Is there a speed difference between an if check and a while check +0.88
Call Operator() for custom class std::shared_ptr instance -1.25
Why does std::enable_if require the second template type? 0.00
Avoiding implicit conversion in constructor. The 'explicit'... -0.98
What triggers an End of File? 0.00
Does compiler replace constant variables with its value while compi... +1.38