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Sombrero Chicken

1604.62 (1,553rd)
25,204 (5,075th)
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Title Δ
How to determine the appropriate identifier of conditional inclusio... 0.00
Remove line break after single-statement if with clang-format -0.64
the location of delete in the class to delete pointer data member +1.59
Is there any use for std::nullptr_t except to disambiguate nullptr... 0.00
Change sorting function of priority queue during runtime +2.36
Automatic conversions and promotions in function calls in C++ 0.00
what actually sets the _WIN32 or _WIN64 preprocessor? +1.53
float or double type depend on size of pointer -0.92
string addition associativity in cpp -2.07
How do I serialise/deserialise a std::vector<bool> most effic... +2.02
How do I make variable in for loop bigger that in was +0.33
Is it possible in C++ to use ternary operator to select a compariso... +1.61
Issue with memory leak -2.69
int main() and void main() which one is faster? 0.00
Is this bad practice?: allocating space for a function and then del... 0.00
What does the "72" mean for "gcc72-c++" 0.00
C++ primer 5 edition: count reference and underlying pointers -1.28
Print class objects with specific variable value in common 0.00
What is the Java returning null equivalent in C++? +0.00
how to split an integer and add everything to an array? +0.57
Use default container but custom comparator in priority_queue -0.40
Easier way for multiple if-else tests +0.24
Why doesn't static_cast work when I divide two integers? 0.00
Counting backwards in array. [-1] +0.35
which object calls constructor faster? +1.63
what is msvc_x64_x64 and how is different from msvc_x64 0.00
How do i structure templates so they're polymorphic? 0.00
Is it legal to move elements from standard containers? +1.92
Deleting this pointer from constructor 0.00
Should I include <tuple>? +1.40
Cannot access base class' protected method in assignment operator 0.00
Calling non-const function of another class by reference from const... -0.62
Implicit conversion between std::filesystem::path and std::string,... -1.42
Is there a speed difference between an if check and a while check +0.88
Call Operator() for custom class std::shared_ptr instance -1.25
Why does std::enable_if require the second template type? 0.00
Avoiding implicit conversion in constructor. The 'explicit'... -0.98
What triggers an End of File? 0.00
Does compiler replace constant variables with its value while compi... +1.38
How to access values returned by object's reference to void poi... +0.37
How does lock work in parallel programing? -2.05
How to input the given word line into different strings seperated b... +0.35
Is const_cast(this) with a write operation undefined behaviour, if... +0.73
How to avoid code duplication in these functions? +1.68
Transform first uppercase letter to lowercase in string 0.00
Why is __cplusplus defined within extern "C" +1.81
How to pass pointer of derived class to reference to pointer of bas... +1.95
What version of Google's protobuf builds with -std=c++98 or -st... 0.00
What is required to be able to use Debug.Assert() function? 0.00
default destructor in a struct containing a unique_ptr causes compi... 0.00