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Yuval Itzchakov

1694.78 (158th)
118,869 (535th)
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Title Δ
Scala: no-name parameters in function with List and Option 0.00
How can I produce TypeInformation from generic type in scala 0.00
Does the AnyVal with AnyRef as a parameter make sense in Scala? 0.00
scala futures - how to get result or failure from both futures 0.00
Compose ReaderT with Either through for-comprehension and applicati... 0.00
How do I get the type signature to agree with the scala compiler wh... -1.97
Difference between :: and Nil types in Scala 0.00
functional way to go through series of validation in Scala -0.83
How to have object extend abstract class with generics +1.04
Scala convert Array of string to List of Integers -1.16
val vs def performance on Spark Dataframe +0.21
How to setup build.sbt with sbt-assembly plugin? 0.00
Tagless-final effect propagation 0.00
Unit-testing with cats-effect's IO monad +0.22
Scala: Problem with foldLeft with negative numbers in list +0.24
How to add proper error handling to cats-effect's Resource 0.00
Why can't traits have parameters with Context Bounds 0.00
Circe encoder for generic case class with default parameters 0.00
Typeclass dependency with tagless-final 0.00
Cats effect - parallel composition of independent effects 0.00
How the sample Simple IO Type get rid of side effects in "FP i... +0.24
Pattern match on value of Either inside a for comprehension? -0.78
What is Int, Out type in Akka (Scala) 0.00
Implicit conversion from A to Some(a) +0.62
How to insert an empty object into JSON using Circe? 0.00
Scala List[Int] becomes List<Object> in Java -0.03
Why the first element missing when using the function span? 0.00
Simulacrum in Scalafiddle: exception during macro expansion 0.00
Performance characteristics of SortedSet 0.00
Scala how to split all items in an array to another immutable array 0.00
Avro not populating square brackets for Array type 0.00
Is an implicit execution context passed down to .par operations? 0.00
Recursions with the State-Monad -0.74
Scala: type arguments do not conform to trait Subtractable's ty... -0.18
Scala Play implicit read catch null 0.00
Safe Try with clean up 0.00
Scala Monad - without for statement(elegant way to check null attri... +0.23
What's the difference between (-1).toShort and -1.toShort in Sc... +0.93
Using Shapeless Poly in another method 0.00
How can implicit function type in scala can model effects? 0.00
What is an idiomatic way to filter out Either Left in an akka stream? -0.75
How to Remove Explicit Casting -0.65
Scala abstract class instance -0.76
How to write a method to take arbitrary classes in Scala 0.00
scala match on iteration, weird compiler error +1.15
Difference Between class parameter declaration in Scala +0.24
Scalac bug or misunderstanding on my part? 0.00
Scala typed trait different types Implementation keeping it in Map,... 0.00
Scala groupBy+map issue +0.86
Designing referentially transparent function for reading from channel 0.00