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Yuval Itzchakov

1697.70 (140th)
48,471 (959th)
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Title Δ
Cats effect - parallel composition of independent effects 0.00
How the sample Simple IO Type get rid of side effects in "FP i... +0.24
How to use Either inside a for comprehension? -0.11
What is Int, Out type in Akka (Scala) 0.00
Implicit conversion from A to Some(a) +0.61
How to insert an empty object into JSON using Circe? 0.00
Scala List[Int] becomes List<Object> in Java -0.03
Why the first element missing when using the function span? 0.00
Simulacrum in Scalafiddle: exception during macro expansion 0.00
Performance characteristics of SortedSet 0.00
Scala how to split all items in an array to another immutable array 0.00
Avro not populating square brackets for Array type 0.00
Is an implicit execution context passed down to .par operations? 0.00
Recursions with the State-Monad -0.74
Scala: type arguments do not conform to trait Subtractable's ty... -0.18
Scala Play implicit read catch null 0.00
Safe Try with clean up 0.00
Scala Monad - without for statement(elegant way to check null attri... +0.23
What's the difference between (-1).toShort and -1.toShort in Sc... +0.93
Using Shapeless Poly in another method 0.00
How can implicit function type in scala can model effects? 0.00
What is an idiomatic way to filter out Either Left in an akka stream? -0.75
How to Remove Explicit Casting -0.65
Scala abstract class instance -0.76
How to write a method to take arbitrary classes in Scala 0.00
scala match on iteration, weird compiler error +1.15
Difference Between class parameter declaration in Scala +0.24
Scalac bug or misunderstanding on my part? 0.00
Scala typed trait different types Implementation keeping it in Map,... 0.00
Scala groupBy+map issue +0.86
Designing referentially transparent function for reading from channel 0.00
How to create a random instance of a case class? 0.00
Transform F[A] to Future[A] 0.00
how to pattern match first character in string +1.45
Underscore usage when passing a function in Scala 0.00
what does the quote mean in the scala import 0.00
Spark Structured Streaming - Limitations? (Source Performance, Unsu... 0.00
Upper type bound allowing subtypes but not the parent type 0.00
Set of instances of sealed case object hierachy 0.00
How to find hashmap keys whose values are the same with a hashset -0.66
How do I turn a cats IO into a Effect using http4s 0.00
Why doesn't implicit conversion work in this case? +0.25
How does Scala handle Any to AnyVal covariance in method return typ... +1.05
What is a named function in scala? -2.68
How to transform a "pimp" method to accept a tuple? +0.25
Compilation issue in Scala with F-bounded types and existential types +1.32
Generic with Scala. No ClassTag available for T 0.00
Which version of scala has the case class limit of 22 elements lift... 0.00
How does the scala compiler locate the positions for variance annot... 0.00
How does lower bound work? 0.00