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Rating Stats for

Ehsan Sajjad

1590.08 (2,299th)
51,669 (1,918th)
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Title Δ
Get higher value object in the item field +1.34
Cannot Convert From Method Group to Func<int> 0.00
ASP.NET Web Api Swagger string parameters error - no description 0.00
in C#, new class object changes original object value, but struct not 0.00
Adding textbox value, stay high value +0.98
How to catch a rethrown exception? -1.92
Using Viewbag data on javascript on views page -1.44
Count the number of characters in a string and delete the duplicates +0.96
A System.IO.FileNotFoundException is thrown anytime I try to read a... 0.00
Trying to create a new item in list in c# +1.60
ASP.NET MVC : OnResultExecuted redirect 0.00
moq.As<>().Setup() does not seem to work after getting moq.Ob... -0.12
How to get data by mutiple values on one column with different valu... 0.00
What is "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: 'Index was ou... 0.00
Linq group by with multiple columns 0.00
How to declare string in C# without having to escape special charac... -0.57
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: 'Incorrect syntax near '... +0.37
Unable to use Contains in LINQ to Entity VS 2017 my query attached +0.35
c# refactoring with linq query 0.00
Searching in a List with Linq +1.17
I want to filter the Select List. I want the drop down to only show... 0.00
How to subscribe to multiple events 0.00
Order dynamic list of object by common property with pagination 0.00
Handling different JSON into class properties 0.00
How to fix : Cannot convert lambda expression to type int because i... 0.00
How to return select option value? 0.00
Storing Japanese characters from TextBox to SQL table -1.31
Make @Html.TextBoxFor required for specific values 0.00
Error when trying to load .json in webpage: Object reference not se... 0.00
How to inject all classes implementing the same generic interface i... 0.00
Not getting hiddenfield value in javascript -0.12
Mocking async methods with optional parameters throws Expression is... 0.00
How to create a struct for Span<byte> -0.77
Why can some Enumerable be changed inside foreach, and others can&#... -0.79
Linq: group by + count for one column -2.10
How can I fix item passed into dictionary is type 'Models',... 0.00
Using ".Any()" in lambda query throws error in .net core... 0.00
Getting error Unable to cast object of type 'Newtonsoft.Json.Li... 0.00
Create custom dynamic link on form that directs to another page -0.66
What Exactly is a Runtime host in ASP.NET? 0.00
C# Deserialize JSON returns null +0.31
How to parse JSON nested string into C# -0.47
Get dependency when needed? -0.07
Convert strings to floats or double from a list c# -0.18
Mocking EF's ExecuteSqlCommand using NUnit +1.45
Extract record from dictionary list where key and value does not co... 0.00
Remove duplicates from list but keep one and edit it 0.00
How to join multiple tables to one table with lambda expression? -0.63
error CLassInitialize has wrong signature. The method must be stati... 0.00
Implementing progress .gif beside upload button 0.00