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Ehsan Sajjad

1589.00 (2,295th)
51,669 (1,918th)
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Title Δ
Not getting hiddenfield value in javascript 0.00
Mocking async methods with optional parameters throws Expression is... 0.00
How to create a struct for Span<byte> 0.00
Why can some Enumerable be changed inside foreach, and others can&#... -0.78
Linq: group by + count for one column -2.10
How can I fix item passed into dictionary is type 'Models',... 0.00
Using ".Any()" in lmbda query throws error in .net core E... 0.00
Getting error Unable to cast object of type 'Newtonsoft.Json.Li... 0.00
Create custom dynamic link on form that directs to another page -0.66
What Exactly is a Runtime host in ASP.NET? 0.00
C# Deserialize JSON returns null +0.31
How to parse JSON nested string into C# -0.47
Get dependency when needed? -0.65
Convert strings to floats or double from a list c# -0.18
Mocking EF's ExecuteSqlCommand using NUnit +1.44
Extract record from dictionary list where key and value does not co... 0.00
Remove duplicates from list but keep one and edit it 0.00
How to join multiple tables to one table with lambda expression? -0.63
error CLassInitialize has wrong signature. The method must be stati... 0.00
Implementing progress .gif beside upload button 0.00
How to create a rule for several fields at the same time using Flue... 0.00
Is there a way to specify the name of each Json Header when seriali... 0.00
i use radio button or checkbox but by default it take Only Male or... -0.63
C# LINQ Multiple evaluation of the same data +2.41
How to use different methods to write code -0.11
Internal exception has occured: Type '<>f__AnonymousType2... 0.00
Extracting Items over an List<T> of List<T> +1.06
How do I use two separate bool properties for two grouped radio but... -0.13
MVC Ajax: How to send string from view to controller +0.39
How can I store the respective key and value for a given set of att... +0.37
C# Does list hold a reference to the element after adding it or cre... -2.96
How to implement a switch here instead of if's and else if's? +0.36
C# How to acces to Values of an class Object, by an another Class o... +1.22
Remove duplicates from custom List object 0.00
Selecting selected item in Dropdownlistfor atomatically 0.00
DropDownListFor doesn't work. Getting error: "There is no... 0.00
Unable to parse xml string using Xdocument and Linq -2.53
Disable/Enable for DropDownList -0.40
Error CS0029 Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections... 0.00
Casting generic class with inheritance 0.00
some confusion with generic types in c# -1.44
Is there anyway to execute the return statement of a method before... -2.08
How can I replace a character in a string using a foreach loop? +1.04
Calling a protected method on a object with a common base class +0.39
Cast object to it's parent type with generics 0.00
Joins with Multiple Table and showing data from multiple tables in... +0.37
Array.Push returns the last pushed object only..How to fix it? +0.43
How the get derived class type from base class -0.60
Implement null check logic in Mvc View with a model +0.37
Casting an object inside join statement -0.50