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1632.82 (796th)
267,512 (146th)
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Title Δ
`movaps` vs. `movups` in GCC: how does it decide? -1.26
Why does division in #define cause division in code to output a dif... 0.00
Why std::string does not have (explicit) const char* cast -2.19
C function: why my variables changing values right after setting th... 0.00
error C2059: syntax error: 'constant' from struct member de... 0.00
Why c++ compiler gives error when using `std::max()` function for t... +1.70
Why does the output of my program keep changing? EAX register keeps... 0.00
Macro expansion with unary minus -2.31
Why the default value is needed for `std::enable_if`? +1.48
Left shift operator in C giving strange result +0.09
Why printf("%s\n", "123456789" + 3); //output:... -1.06
"#define BUF 8" vs "#define BUF (8) -2.51
Difference between `vector<int> v;` and `vector<int> v... +1.63
Importing C enum into C++ namespace +2.16
Why does b get the value 100? -2.58
Why doew GCC compiles function overloaded with value, rvalue and lv... +2.54
How this if-else condition can be replaced by ternary operator +0.84
Specializing a class method based on overall class template +1.42
getting "expected ‘)’ before ‘&’ token" on a linked l... 0.00
Pointer Initialization for Class vs Non-Class Variables -0.18
Can someone explain the special std::function template parameter li... -0.41
Is it reasonable to take std::istream&& as a argument? -1.59
What is the most efficient way to add and initialize a new std::map... +1.73
Escape struct field in a macro definition -2.96
What is happening in "? :"? I have no idea about the retu... -0.71
illegal operation stringstream << stringstream with c++11 +1.23
The void type in C -2.02
C Adding value to array? `array + value` -1.21
error: redefinition of . . . as different kind of symbol 0.00
Error expected expression before '{' token -0.66
How does the call stack look when you initialize a reference from a... -2.44
different result between c+ set and unordered_set 0.00
call function in struct initialization -0.61
Why does an integer variable in c after pasing charachter value to... +1.36
Why this different behaviour of structure initialization in C and C... +1.26
`(void*)` usage used as function parameter instead of `struct *` 0.00
Can i use long double to compute integers in c language -1.39
Initialization array of structs - {NULL} vs {} -1.00
"Expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm'... -2.77
Why can't the template parameters of this function be inferred... -2.00
Visual Studio 2015: Extern "C" and the "export"... -1.09
Can we increase an iterator multiple positions without the 'adv... -1.51
Returning a struct and passing a struct to functions 0.00
Why can't my friend class access a private member? 0.00
Does the function level influence the region of memory allocation o... +0.29
alloca instead of local variable in alsa 0.00
All elements in array being set to last element in C? -0.47
Why class constructor generates destructors for its members? 0.00
Does C add '\0' when you pass a literal string as an argume... +0.02
std::vector move instead of swap to empty vector and deallocate sto... -2.45