An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1638.77 (657th)
259,924 (142nd)
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Title Δ
Knockout highlighting row on condition basis 0.00
Python: Google-Maps-API sends unknown format to parse 0.00
Get async value from firestore +0.06
Non-UTF-8 code starting with '\x85' in file on... 0.00
Processing AD user certificates +2.01
How do I generate a recursive tree-like dictionary from a flat file... +1.42
XSLT get empty TAG name +1.84
PowerShell Python command-line arguments +0.31
How to return input and button clicked from InputBox 0.00
How to read an element in XML file in PowerShell? +0.32
Importing XML into SQL Server but trying to make multiple entries i... +0.31
Parse Heavy XML into Ordered Dictionary 0.00
How to parse xml using scrapy -0.18
xpath - get value of sibling of node if node contains text +0.32
XML Parsing Broken-up Text 0.00
Mustache.js function for format number 0.00
XPath trouble with Selenium +1.32
Problem traversing XML tree with Python xml.etree.ElementTree 0.00
Scrapy 'normalize-space()' is truncating the whole string -0.69
Escape * wildcard character in Active Directory path +0.32
How to code in powershell a check if there are unread mails on an i... 0.00
Is there an expected behaviour for XML files when the real encoding... 0.00
How to make a route synchronous -0.67
Read XML Attribute values based on another attribute value in the s... +1.28
alter .txt file and save it with PowerShell +1.24
re.sub don't replace match 0.00
Knockout, ¿could the binding name be dynamic (a variable)? +0.09
For-loop first iteration over generator -2.04
Search currently viewed email for a specific phrase, fetch a string... 0.00
How to insert element into child node -1.53
How to find all xml nodes with same attribute value 0.00
Get-Content source codepage? 0.00
Apply a filter for string which contains given phrase and return ev... +1.43
Array of ranges stores the same range. Why? 0.00
LDAP Query for both mail-enabled security groups and distribution m... 0.00
Loop through or access array of Strings 0.00
How to send binary data with WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.Send method in... +0.33
disable-output-escaping="yes" in XSLT 1.0 is not working... -2.64
Regex : negative pattern in a filename +1.28
Python - How to extract data from inside a variable within a script? +0.30
Sequential Firebase cloud function promises 0.00
Add offset to all XML attributes 0.00
How do I decode utf-8 from a file 0.00
Get an AD user's manager and input it into column of table 0.00
How to COUNT in MySQL with CASE stament -1.62
Python 2 vs 3 Regex difference 0.00
Batch-file that hides Powershell's progress bar at Invoke-WebRe... 0.00
Advanced Python Regex: how to evaluate and extract nested lists and... +1.45
Using lxml xpath to parse xml file 0.00
List of 2 elements to csv +0.30