An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1638.77 (657th)
265,049 (142nd)
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Title Δ
Dict comprehension from dict to inverse dict 0.00
No output of some tag XSLT 1.0 0.00
Insert data into database using sqlldr in coldfusion 0.00
Python 2.7 concat byte 0.00
What rule determines escaping in JSON 0.00
.catch is not resolving error and breaking the chain 0.00
beforeChange value is undefined in Knockout when using the mapping... 0.00
How to use conditionals to define a class? 0.00
How to access calling child element from parent function in ko.js a... 0.00
RegeX code for PowerShell Lookbehind not working matching on IP Add... 0.00
Name space issues 0.00
parse xml file and return list of specific variables 0.00
Remove greater-than (>) character highlight in gVIM, it's a... 0.00
Decoding and encoding of byte array while dumping it in a file 0.00
A Vbscript question re filesystem detection output to Variable? (OS... 0.00
Extracting all text between two HTML headings with lxml 0.00
How to write a VBS file that download file to startup folder 0.00
How do I select a key with a special character in powershell? 0.00
Regular expression that matches anything in the powerset of a given... 0.00
BASEX - Getting unique values from within a variable 0.00
How to escape "’" "“" when... 0.00
Replacing line in file that start with a string if exist and add if... 0.00
XSLT: How to select attribute of element, based on that element has... 0.00
What is an acceptable way to discard the first couple lines of text? 0.00
How can I split scraped data and save it in separate columns as csv... 0.00
How to use JSONiq for JSON 0.00
Knockout highlighting row on condition basis 0.00
Python: Google-Maps-API sends unknown format to parse 0.00
Get async value from firestore +0.06
Non-UTF-8 code starting with '\x85' in file on... 0.00
Processing AD user certificates +2.01
How do I generate a recursive tree-like dictionary from a flat file... +1.42
XSLT get empty TAG name +1.84
PowerShell Python command-line arguments +0.31
How to return input and button clicked from InputBox 0.00
How to read an element in XML file in PowerShell? +0.32
Importing XML into SQL Server but trying to make multiple entries i... +0.31
Parse Heavy XML into Ordered Dictionary 0.00
How to parse xml using scrapy -0.18
xpath - get value of sibling of node if node contains text +0.32
XML Parsing Broken-up Text 0.00
Mustache.js function for format number 0.00
XPath trouble with Selenium +1.32
Problem traversing XML tree with Python xml.etree.ElementTree 0.00
Scrapy 'normalize-space()' is truncating the whole string -0.69
Escape * wildcard character in Active Directory path +0.32
How to code in powershell a check if there are unread mails on an i... 0.00
Is there an expected behaviour for XML files when the real encoding... 0.00
How to make a route synchronous -0.67
Read XML Attribute values based on another attribute value in the s... +1.28