An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.99 (4,384,778th)
279 (412,703rd)
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Title Δ
Order differently until success 0.00
Find a random integer which creates another integer, when using per... -3.30
Receive multiple columns from one sql request in PHP +0.03
python "no such file or directory" -3.72
Wrong JSON format? Getting Expecting property name +4.18
datatables, JSON data from server could not be parsed +4.43
android check if non market apps are allowed programmatically -3.43
Input for percentage values -3.60
The value of a variable in one class is recieved as null in another... -3.92
Detect when a failed unlock happens 0.00
Python program that takes the name of the file and opens it, creati... -3.86
Autofill if name = hash -0.66
Safe use of POST vars into database 0.00
Am I responsible for handling when a user clicks a button quickly/r... -3.28
Download JPEG files in batch mode keeping the path 0.00
How to compare Excel files in Java with DBUnit 0.00
MySQL INSERTing rows into a database with datetime sanity checks +4.19
How to use multiline textview with scrollbars in monodevelop/monoan... 0.00
Retrieve variable after crash in python +0.10
How to detect whether the supporter is logged in using php -1.84
PHP Variables echoing properly but not entering into the database -2.67
more reliable way to check for duplicate files with PHP 0.00
How do I open a .py file in python from a .py file in pypy? -3.79
Missing dedicated search button on devices 0.00
How does certification work to reach a secured web service? 0.00
Change TextView Color Depending On Text -1.73
Python - split string into smaller chunks and assign a variable -1.89
Wrong errorcode when using JSON parser -0.26