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Govind Balaji

1424.43 (4,190,816th)
572 (240,648th)
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Title Δ
Cleaner way to write this code -1.29
C program shows no error but doesn't show output -1.22
Are there some accepted names for functions based on the way they r... -4.01
javascript submit form from function +0.64
How to do action when closing the frame? +4.85
Please check my code. won't return a right value -1.37
Java Nullpoint Exception +1.34
Know from which class it comes -1.47
strings and pointers manipulation -0.31
Why can I declare constructor out of the class -1.02
How to get the number of elements of a C-array like this? -1.56
Class strange error -1.10
Some complex Threading concept -1.49
unique handler in C++ -0.99
multiple onclick events on a single div - changing the div border c... +0.12
How do I create a class to capture user input with differing argume... -1.99
How to define object array in java? -0.94
why onload=showField() is used? -0.69
Error in string initialisation +0.53
Multiple Javascript Variables in URLs -0.62
Array of objects pointing to different instances of the class in Java -3.80
I Cannot Get If/Else Statement to Prove True with Scanner -3.27
Can anyone see where the infinite loop in my program is? -1.82
WHY would one want to use the instanceof operator? -2.11
How do I call a public static void that is in a different class. -3.42
Problems invoking a method with a BigInteger parameter -3.36
C++ Loop within Switch Case statement -0.63
C: Different type declaration by casting void pointer in a function -3.14
Multidimensional array usage in Java -0.92
return a value when an JButton actionperformed event is called +0.61
<button> inside a form -1.46
Switch Statement with three cases in C. Third Case is not running p... -1.26
Public vs Private -0.53
How to access the variable decleared inside of private class from o... +2.94
Calling pure virtual function in constructor gives an error +1.15
What do ? and : mean in javascript -2.82
main() function not recognized -2.65
C pass by reference -2.26
Not able to break from while loop using getchar in C -2.51
Creating javascript objects +1.38
clarification on method overloading -0.60
Is missing return statement fixable? -0.23
event handling between two different programs -1.28
Is it possible to use a macro in function prototypes and definitions? -3.20
How to pass enum as an argument in a method in java? -0.84
Initializer must be constant +0.69
How to check if a String[] index exists? -2.83
Object pool for Java wrappers and String -2.00
FileOutputStream does not create file +0.56
Is int (built in data types) a class in c++? -1.61