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1458.15 (4,529,704th)
2,250 (74,821st)
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Title Δ
Deselecting item from a picker SwiftUI 0.00
NSFetchRequest returns wrong value of .count 0.00
How do I fill an array of data with CoreData data? +1.62
SwiftUI. Present a detail view pushed from the root view as the ini... +0.38
Cannot find 'LocationsData' in scope 0.00
SwiftUI CloudKit not refreshing view when remaining active 0.00
How to implement a "read more" style button at the end of... 0.00
How to animate navigationBarHidden in SwiftUI? -0.44
Core Data list relationship of Parent Object +0.58
SwiftUI List not updating when core data property is updated in oth... 0.00
Create a list from enum -1.29
Translate a nested Conditional If Statement into a complex NSCompou... -1.45
Core Data Inheritance - Manage Inverse relationships of subclasses 0.00
Core Data EXC_BAD_ACCESS when assigning to a variable 0.00
Swift - CloudKit integration returns error that must specify an inv... +0.08
Coredata merges relationship instead of overwriting it 0.00
My segmented picker has normal Int values as tags, How is this pass... 0.00
IOS Dev Value of type 'AppDelegate' has no member 'mana... 0.00
How can I count the records in an attribute? -0.44
Adding elements on many-to-many relation 0.00
UITableView cells are being reused/repeated +0.06
Repeat a formula in Excel that subtracts the amount just calculated -1.07
TableView doesn't reload after change data and popViewController 0.00
How to make predicate with dynamic where clause of SQL format +0.06
UISplitViewController will not correctly collapse at launch on iPad... 0.00
Configure Core Data persistance in Swift 5 +0.95
Configure Core Data persistance in Swift 5 -1.20
Swift - Preload and update data from database with CoreData 0.00
Compare two columns using the contains predicate 0.00
Set the titles of a UISegmentedControl (built in IB, not code) from... -1.42
Animate change to title text in Navigation Controller 0.00
Unwanted segue occuring while using a UITableView 0.00
Swift generic table view data source and delegate, protocol backed... 0.00
How do you change the UIButon text attribute in a custom UITableVie... -0.19
UISegmented Control Disappears After Dismissing View +4.53
Setup that allows a child NSManagedObjectContext to Fetch when it&#... 0.00
Core data crash occurring since iOS 10 0.00
CoreData and relationship to classes implementing a protocol 0.00
Setting managedObjectContext in AppDelegate -1.68
Search bar controller and NSFetchedResultsController 0.00
How to get the default font details used by iOS to display UITableV... 0.00
Get Indexpath of UiTableView header? 0.00
UISplitViewController with UITabBarController inside the MasterView... 0.00
Hiding search bar of UISearchDisplayController +0.11
GTMSessionFetcher.h file not found upgrading app to latest google-a... +4.44
Unable to save Object(s) to CoreData -0.87
NSFetchedResultsController not refreshing properly after setting ne... +4.35
ios Core Data Design Issue 0.00
How to name a back button in UISplitViewController 0.00
NSPredicate that uses @max with an other condition in a fetch request -3.46