An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ben James

1634.80 (763rd)
91,530 (852nd)
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Title Δ
Filter a list of tuples by fst +1.52
scala - getting java.util.NoSuchElementException -0.19
Package instance dependencies 0.00
Haskell : parsing command line arguments +0.70
Using Argonaut to create generic JSON converter +0.31
I have a Scala List, how can I get a TraversableOnce? +1.42
Parsing single quoted string with parser combinators 0.00
Scalaz Tree to JSON +1.65
Automatic serialization/deserialization of generic case classes to/... 0.00
Combining Scala Futures and collections in for comprehensions +1.03
Create a generic Json serialization function 0.00
Haskell ghc main 0.00
def or val for defining Function in Scala -1.11
Refactoring using State monad 0.00
flatMap versus for expression 0.00
Haskell why does "Num x" require "Show x"? +0.30
In this Scala case class, why doesn't List.mkString work with a pre... +0.45
Scalaz stream group sorted database results 0.00
Is ??? a valid symbol or operator in scala +0.71
Create Map holding a # of appearance for each List element -0.40
Specifying the requirements for a generic type +0.26
Why is my companion object cannot access method in its companion cl... -2.43
Scala.Either getOrElse method 0.00
Default value on Left +0.84
How to check if there's None in List[Option[_]] and return the elem... +0.49
Problems generalizing Scala type classes 0.00
Scalaz equivalent to forM_ 0.00
Scala parser failure handling, dangling commas -0.71
if (Option.nonEmpty) vs Option.foreach -0.94
Implicit view parameter 0.00
Get Boolean Value from VM Parameter in Scala +1.43
flatten the Option part of a Future[Option[Option[T]]] 0.00
Zero arity in Scala 0.00
More functional and concise way to write this in Scala -0.67
What programming languages have something like Haskell’s `newtype` -0.39
Producing json in a Scala app using json4s 0.00
Parser combinator validate multiple inputs 0.00
What is a good way of reusing function result in Scala -2.97
scala, general purpose transform function for all objects 0.00
scala, filter a collection based on several conditions -0.34
Is there a name for this kind of lifting a function? +0.11
Sum of even-numbered items in Seq -0.03
Scala for-loop. Getting index in consice way +1.06
Find the first element that satisfies condition X in a Seq -0.19
Chopping up a list into a list of lists +0.69
Find a element in two dimension collection(without var) -0.43
Scala - iterators and takeWhile +1.10
Scala - generate Array of bytes based on range +1.46
scala filter on Stream produces wrong result 0.00
Scalaz minimal imports required to inject right and left use 0.00