An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1745.54 (49th)
87,540 (909th)
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Title Δ
Linting Python: what is good? +3.42
How to relate WAVE_MAPPER audio line with its audio device +3.32
Raise of an eoferror for a file -4.77
WxPython, Windows Vista 64-bit, and failure 0.00
Object appended to a list instance appears in a different instance... +4.59
Getting user input from Win32 C++. WPARAM casted as int? 0.00
C++ Linked list destroy function -0.55
Why is 'dir()' named 'dir' in python? +3.88
Subprocess Popen and PIPE in Python 0.00
Why doesn't Google offer partial search? Is it because the index wo... -1.96
python regex escape characters +0.63
Checking user keypresses creates a warning 0.00
LZW Decompression in C 0.00
Default assignment operator in inner class with reference members +0.63
Create Process doesn't work +3.30
incorrect function being called on multiple fast calls to python's... 0.00
Running a process in pythonw with Popen without a console +3.40
Python: Calling a method of an instance's member by name using __ge... +0.19
Division of big numbers +3.54
Numpy - show decimal values in array results +3.62
Function template in non-template class +3.57
RTF Tags removal by regex problem 0.00
window less Application +3.27
Why don't these two math functions return the same result? +3.96
Split dictionary of lists into list of dictionaries +1.97
There is no spawnl function in python 2.6? -2.99
Out of memory on _beginthreadex -1.85
What is the right way to organize python unittests into suites? 0.00
request for comments on original crc32 checksum -4.47
How does memory fences affect "freshness" of data? +0.82
DNA strings sorting function problem +4.23
Thread & Queue vs Serial performance +0.31
Howto create combinations of several vectors without hardcoding loo... +2.52
Pythonic way to find a regular expression match -0.44
Easy Python ASync. Precompiler? -0.33
How to instantiate MsftRawCDImageCreator? 0.00
Sort a multidimensional list by a variable number of keys +1.75
Hooking LoadLibrary API call +3.69
Komodo Python auto complete: type inference by variable metadata? +3.99
Producing the fastest possible executable +3.00
What message should my MFC dialog control receive before I can modi... +3.81
How can I tell reliably if a boost thread has exited its run method? +3.66
Examining code generated by the Visual Studio C++ compiler, part 1 +2.09
How do I destroy a Window correctly? +4.43
Searching a C++ Vector<custom_class> for the first/last occur... +4.23
python, lxml and xpath - html table parsing -3.99
In Python, Python Image Library 1.1.6, how can I expand the canvas... +4.00