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1643.37 (643rd)
483,235 (46th)
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Title Δ
Unicode values in pymysql insert query 0.00
Convert long hex to unicode character such as emoji, programmatically +1.59
Is there a way to determine Unicode character browser compatibility? +1.44
Python requests says it's UTF-8, so why are there still unicode... 0.00
How to email address validation with character two bytes for input... +0.31
What is the correct .NET encoding format to use to decode a string... 0.00
TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, type found w... 0.00
How does SQL Server store these Unicode characters into a column th... 0.00
System.IO.File.ReadAllText not throwing exception for invalid encod... 0.00
how can I make a ASCII string in Python3 or 2.7 with unicode_literals 0.00
Why C# Unicode range cover limited range (up to 0xFFFF)? -0.94
(coded) character sets - why mapping to code points in unicode? 0.00
C# : Unable to print data as unicode characters from MYSQL database +0.35
UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xc... 0.00
What is the point of a 16-bit wide character? 0.00
How to parse a u' prefixed JSON response in Android 0.00
How to add Ⓒ symbol in resource file to support in Japanese Windows... 0.00
cgi.FieldStorage with multipart/form-data tries to decode binary fi... -0.16
Javascript HTML forms : unicode user input to unicode output +0.06
Handling right-to-left/left-to-right override characters in user in... 0.00
How to print Unicode symbols U+2610 and U+2612 to Windows console w... -0.93
Saving an XML file with a specific encoding without adding the tag... 0.00
Scanf and printf return different unicode characters 0.00
Python zipfile module can't extract filenames with Chinese char... 0.00
Decode base64 gzip .net webservice 0.00
Compressed with pako(zlib in javascript), decompressing with zlib(p... 0.00
Iterating over a sorted list returning more entries than iterating... 0.00
Safe unicode string / name 0.00
lxml.html5parser: not working for arabic/persian html5s -0.69
Not able to read uni-codes characters in java 0.00
Determining saftey of Javascript from other authors, with example 0.00
C++, using environment variables for paths +0.29
Allow only my domain to serve images from my server 0.00
textarea that contains pre code security +0.29
check user security for modifying objects 0.00
How to pass unicode values as urlfetch payload? 0.00
Javascript - Security of document.cookie -0.19
Python2: Using .decode with errors='replace' still returns... +0.31
Is CP_UTF8 a supported codepage for WriteConsoleA / WriteFile? 0.00
Python 3 and b'\x92'.decode('latin1') -0.27
Converting an "HTML entity" emoticon code in UTF16 (in c++) +0.31
IBM AppScan Security PathTraversal issue in File.Copy method in VB.... -0.19
Setting CSS with JavaScript/jQuery forces unwanted double quotes +0.52
Unicode character font-size not applied on chrome mobile. Why? +0.29
BeautifulSoup miss some alphabets in decoding from utf-8 to unicode 0.00
unicode characters in image URL - 404 +0.30
ModSecurity OWASP Core Rule Set - unicode false positive 0.00
How to decode a mime part of a message and get a **unicode** string... 0.00
Prevent image upload code injection 0.00
Why is it necessary to mark continuation bytes in UTF-8? -2.17