An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1516.63 (39,819th)
44,674 (2,369th)
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Title Δ
How to optimize the counting of words and characters in a huge file... -0.97
C++ while loop without curly brackets? -1.43
Shortening a function that counts the number of unique chars in a 2... -1.88
Date format string simplification -0.63
Generating a list of N pseudo-random integers, drawn from a specifi... -0.56
This code keeps outputting segmentation fault and I'm not sure... 0.00
Winforms dialog title indentation without icons -0.04
Why use typedef on struct and union? 0.00
Update GUI components from Begininvoke 0.00
Three dimensional circular buffer -2.08
understanding the behaviour of unsigned numbers -1.20
Fastest way to determine whether elements of a vector y occur in a... +0.97
An efficient way to prepend a string to another format string using... +1.16
How can I correctly implement this operation with averaging unsigne... +0.88
How to add id to drawn ellipses? 0.00
Strange behaviour of pointers in C++ -1.84
efficient evaluation of formula -0.19
How can I have conditional out parameters -0.25
Trying to properly substring with String -0.14
Generate (not so)random string with particular string occurences -0.17
merge sort algorithm for stream data -0.05
Are there reasons to not type cast pointers (C)? +0.79
Make Sparse Matrix Multiply Fast +0.22
Using float / double as a loop variable -0.24
Read matrices from multiple .csv files and print matrices in .csv f... 0.00
Power set of a set -0.05
Accessing dynamic 2D char array C++ +0.47
4x4 3D Matrix Manipulation -0.03
Finding all pairs of numbers that equals an equation +0.67
Efficient way of minimizing memory footprint of set of numbers +1.98
Why are first few string assignments slower? -1.33
Draw zones instead of of points on an radar image -0.31
Boost.Compute slower than plain CPU? +0.26
realloc() triggering an exception +1.90
Drawing Circle in C++ using FLTK and some oddness between the book... 0.00
Move a rectangle using angles -0.05
Many To Many Relationship class design -0.29
How to avoid sprintf call in C -1.40
C++ how safe are self registering classes? +0.53
Combine three 32-bit identifiers into one 32-bit identifier? -0.03
how to receive the data from structure when you do not know which s... +0.43
Why %ebx %esi %edi %ebp these registers are pushed into stack when... -1.92
Reducing the number of operations +0.47
Optimized functions to compute projection of a point on a line? -0.47
Is ++(a = b); faster than a = b + 1;? +0.42
Where to define PAINTSTRUCT and why to define HDC? +1.67
Pointer to pointer clarification +1.16
Why are 700k database rows taking over 15 seconds to load into memo... +1.07
C - Bilinear scaling (interpolation) byte by byte 0.00
Fast copying of GUI in C#? 0.00