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that other guy

1675.00 (275th)
80,238 (1,030th)
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Title Δ
Does MacOS prefer /bin/sh or /bin/bash? 0.00
sed regex command to output lines that end with html? +0.62
Why does a single threaded operationg takes 3 times longer than no... 0.00
Which approach is is better for talking between two process in c? -3.22
Why is nohup required and disown doesn't work by itself? 0.00
How do I check if command line arguments are ints -2.68
Why execution time of this multi-threading program is so weird? +0.26
write hard-codded to RAM at specific physical-address +0.26
Ctrl-C from python to bash -2.98
Is reading from disk atomic in sectors? 0.00
Dynamic bash associative array keys +0.63
How can i use sed with unicode character -0.60
How I can search for byte in byte[] faster? +0.64
Add/modify element for each object in array using jq 0.00
Why won't my bash script list emails in the file it creates? +0.26
get previous command's argments inside zsh script -0.26
Executing a shell with a command and returning +1.55
How to replace bash variable with command line arguments -0.23
QNAP Find with printf +1.27
File input/output/append project 0.00
Force sh shell to use external function instead of built-in 0.00
`which` not showing path for script in ~/bin 0.00
Why does bash prohibit a shell function named `df`? 0.00
IFS=: "set $var" versus "set toto:fofo" 0.00
why does exec+tee output display out-of-order? +0.26
bash script to verify the ssh public key isn't requested 0.00
How to parse ternary expression using Parsec? 0.00
odd behavior of the "jobs" command in bash scripts +0.77
How to connect to another VNC desktop? 0.00
Bash printf - using array as argumment +1.29
How is sorting faster than linear (low constant)? -2.98
How to have two programs communicate using std io? +0.18
Is there a way to use shell (esp Bash) conditionals to check exact... 0.00
Use of echo >> produces inconsistent results 0.00
Issue with XML UTF-8/ISO-8859-1 encoding with Chinese characters on... 0.00
git show command yields no results 0.00
Printing formatted date line output to file in Bash script -0.45
expect + change directory in expect script +0.98
Unable to get the proper exit value of a python script, being run o... +0.27
sh: 2: ./ Syntax error: word unexpected 0.00
Why process substitution with binary doesn't work? 0.00
Why do I need to choose my processor architecture when downloading... +0.61
`read` builtin does not preserve input that is whitespace only +1.67
React-Native: Hermes is not enabled -0.24
What is the bash script equivalent of ctrl + c in Electron? 0.00
linux find command: exclude path from result 0.00
Why doesn't bash script wait for its child processes to finish... 0.00
How to prevent keypress execution in bash on python exit -0.24
The watch command incorrectly placed the terminal content and made... 0.00
execute awk in loop inside python script 0.00