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that other guy

1680.41 (241st)
80,238 (1,030th)
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Title Δ
How do I output all BASH results of find to a single variable? More... 0.00
Issue exporting bash shell output to text file 0.00
What's the use of +$ in the give command? 0.00
Trap with external call in command substitution breaks the parent B... 0.00
Centos find command enigma 0.00
Add more field to json file using JQ 0.00
Case...esac default condition -1.41
create a linux binary (executable) that contains const data only 0.00
Bash script if/then with multiple conditions -0.74
imagemagic's convert command doesnt seem to work correctly on m... 0.00
Fix formatting of && operator with sed 0.00
Is it possible to put if statement in a pipeline? +0.62
Who take care tcp message order -2.02
How do exec and flock work together in bash script +0.26
Linux command and single quote 0.00
How to properly perform multiple redirection in C 0.00
BASH - Escape three backslash +0.26
Output redirection from shell script in Linux is redirected to weir... 0.00
Returning a variable name from an array in shell script 0.00
Unsatisfied Link Error - library loads, entry not found 0.00
change user and execute one command under bash 0.00
Replication of the Bash tee command behavior in python -0.23
Add content of a text file to array in Bash +1.10
Huge size output in /proc/smaps 0.00
Writing to a "application/octet-stream" file on linux 0.00
Is it possible to put <stdarg.h>'s ... in a macro in C? 0.00
Can I have two shebang lines, one for python and one for python3? -2.16
Bash BG Process in Subshell: Display Output and Also Pipe to Comman... 0.00
"No such file or directory" error when using "cat&qu... 0.00
receiving stdin with a call to open a regular file in linux 0.00
BufferedWriter isn't writing to file 0.00
Bash command to truncate bytes off end of file 0.00
How do i decode the output of /proc/$$/statm? 0.00
A solution works faster than a for loop -0.46
Does make not support backtick notation? +0.98
Bash script of history command redirection to a file in a docker co... 0.00
How to execute commands in a command-line application through Runti... -0.24
exit(1) does not give me 1 as an exit value? 0.00
BASH conditional if statement ANDing two commands that output true... 0.00
Linux At Now Command Call Bash Script with Attribute 0.00
PHP shell_exec different output 0.00
How ASLR randomizes address space in Linux 0.00
why the sizeof arr[][3] is 36 0.00
Is there a way to make it output the values of result in my code? +0.98
Why is Jenkins having problems with UTF 8 -0.72
docker-compose: CMD variable substitution -2.52
Bash : Taking a wildcard as argument of a shell script and being ab... +0.67
bash: run multiple commands each separately with a command prompt +0.25
Is this a bug in bash when editing command line in editor through v... 0.00
Can a program detect if it is launched via shell or not? +1.03