An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1709.65 (100th)
316,910 (36th)
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Title Δ
Using scipy.fsolve on a matrix 0.00
Count values in overlapping sliding windows in python +0.75
Collapse array of masks along axis - Numpy in Python +1.25
pandas match two columns and create another column +0.22
How to update frame using tkinter? 0.00
Analogue function of Wolfram Mathematica in Python in NumPy or SciPy +0.22
Pandas GroupBy and SQL Where Clause parameters +0.23
Make it simpler, pandas multiple filer iteration +0.55
np.random.choice doesn't do sampling as designated probabilities. 0.00
Getting pv output with subprocess 0.00
How to use solutions created by sympy's linear equation solver 0.00
How to find the clockwise angle between two vectors in python? 0.00
Loading a dataframe with multiple fields with the same name +1.44
Inf values scipy.stats.truncnorm 0.00
How to reuse a multiprocessing pool? 0.00
How to get a mapping from high to low resolution ndarray in numpy 0.00
When importing a module, I get a NameError about certain variable n... 0.00
Multiple subprocesses take a lot of time to complete 0.00
Speed of writing a numpy array to a text file -0.88
How to access xml field with lxml? -0.78
Pythonic way to fill rows with date range +0.26
iterating over dataframe for a pearsonr test 0.00
printing info() at Pandas at the report the entries and index numbe... 0.00
Am i miss-using numpy random number generator for bootstrapping? +0.23
For every column and cell in dataframe fill in NaNs/Nulls with rand... 0.00
sample n zeros from a sparse.coo_matrix +1.15
Left merge between groupby dataframe and original dataframe brings... -2.46
Fill area of overlap between two normal distributions in seaborn /... +1.55
Pandas returns different result using fillna() with sum() over the... 0.00
How to move a whole diagram up in matplotlib? 0.00
ValueError: Invalid RGBA argument: What is causing this error? +1.58
Python Pandas NLTK Tokenize Column in Pandas Dataframe: expected st... +0.23
Numpy: slicing a volume using a matrix 0.00
Embedding turtle graphics in Pyqt5 interface 0.00
How to clean up datetime strings in dataframe after export from exc... -0.02
numpy vectorize / more efficient for loop 0.00
Plot crosstab results using All row as benchmark lines 0.00
python lxml iterparse() is skipping first event 0.00
why sort_values() is diifferent form sort_values().values +0.25
Zombie state multiprocessing library python3 0.00
pandas loc function refers to different row when writing vs. readin... +1.27
how to compare string with bs4 object 0.00
Python: turtle goto() command +0.94
Threading and queue in patches -0.73
functools reduce In-Place modifies original dataframe +0.78
How to see the output of Python's hypothesis library -0.61
Initializing a static field in a Python class 0.00
Plot multiple values with matplotlib without loop 0.00
reshape 4D numpy array to 2D 0.00
how to avoid reloading package when rerun debugger 0.00