An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1661.25 (386th)
652,560 (13th)
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Title Δ
Converting xml text from webpage to json 0.00
Can someone explain Javascript classic module pattern and why we wo... 0.00
How to use external javascript file into an ejs file 0.00
Not able to retrieve JSESSIONID cookie with AXIOS 0.00
How to serve simple static files along with html in NodeJS? 0.00
Html doesn't read html tag when adding tag at element 0.00
Unknown column '$id' in 'where clause' Mysqli 0.00
Why can't access to 'this' when using anonymous functio... 0.00
Detect height of external source iFrame content from website JS 0.00
Apply different css style to two same h4 tag which has same class n... 0.00
GET 404 (Not Found) 0.00
Why does awaiting a function cause an "Invalid left-hand side... 0.00
An invalid form control with name=' is not focusable error when... 0.00
How to format images for web file transfer 0.00
Undefined index from POST form to controller in Laravel +0.04
CORS Problems: header contains multiple values, but only one is all... 0.00
Why text inside <select> / <option> list is not affecte... +0.29
Ajax render partial view without server code 0.00
Why is attaching an event listener on react child component look th... +0.87
URL parameters ending with '#' 0.00
pass the input value if checkbox is checked, values are in array? +1.39
what is best practice to show typed data - textarea vs p tag -0.22
why does my button not work for php and javascript, while my other... +0.29
What is the alternative of "hidden" attribute in Markdown? 0.00
Semantic html tags and classes -0.21
Local xml blocked by cors policy 0.00
AJAX POST ---> Unidetified index? +0.29
how to insert data into table using ajax jquery in html 0.00
How to open specific email website using as link on my website? +0.29
How to call a function soon after other function execution is compl... +1.39
PHP `json_encode` incorrectly turn array into `{}` +1.52
Changing a css file using jquery doesnt work 0.00
regex replace characters with html tag in string +1.34
Parsing xml in JavaScript using an external XML file 0.00
AJAX never reaches success +0.29
input type = file is preventing my submit button -1.07
Put a button inside the <a></a> tag using pug.js +0.30
Convert and object to file and send via Ajax 0.00
X-Frame-Options ALLOW-FROM not working if don't use www 0.00
How can I make this simple form run properly? 0.00
ES6 Module throwing unexpected token error +0.25
Why does attribute align="center" work in my html5 file? 0.00
Forcing HTTPS version without redirect in case of direct visit 0.00
express js can not access to multiple static pages +0.34
Prevent navigation on mailto: links 0.00
Communicate php and js 0.00
How does Facebook detect if I block javascript on my browser? -0.19
How to Access a local MySql database from a remote server hosted in... +0.92
Javascript - Rock, Paper, scissors with switch statement? If not wh... +0.29
Using ".call" to create a new JavaScript object instead o... +0.38