An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1652.75 (467th)
421,566 (12th)
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Title Δ
How to make nth-child work with nested tags? +1.82
Sum checkboxes using HTML value 0.00
How do I do a POST with jQuery that sends a JSON and not raw query? 0.00
Why doesn't post method do anything? 0.00
Why use style.display = 'none' when loading image to canvas 0.00
Calling an event when you press the enter button +0.28
How to Use Onclick Event in <Script> tag to Show a div +0.29
html meta tags not inherited in frameset's parent 0.00
Why formData does not work with multiple files? 0.00
using CSS: lang() selector to toggle a divs visibility 0.00
npm package has dependency errors, even after I manually install them +0.67
My "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header is not working in... 0.00
How can i get the permanent IP -1.84
Node js line by line module 0.00
I can't get a div to center horizontally +1.78
How can I block request thats come out from iframe -0.20
I can view my nodejs code in the browser. I want to prevent this +0.30
Stop if statement in async function from returning undefined instan... 0.00
An embeded form in a table and ajax not working properly +0.31
HTML form post on port of a server, not URL 0.00
AJAX request to PHP file, security and accessibility for the PHP file +0.29
difference between 'let' and 'var' inside a functio... +1.12
ajax response not populating INSIDE html <table> tag +0.29
HTML default namespace vs. explicit namespace 0.00
Node Express.js deleting an entry from json data -0.21
XMLHttpRequest fails to send cookie if progress is tracked 0.00
Not able to read Set-Cookie from response header from $http in Angu... 0.00
why setTimeout in async function need to be wrapen again in new Por... -0.84
Passing multiple value to single variable as function parameter -0.69
CSS selector based on textbox value 0.00
Why should always a:hover come after a:link and a:visited? 0.00
Are express.js Request events documented anywhere? -0.20
Changing input value inside a form tags when ENTER key is pressed -0.20
PHP/Ajax/HTML/SSH - I do not understand why it does not work 0.00
Why h2 and h4 tags does not change coloк in hover state? +0.57
Why can't I use document in Brackets? +0.29
Document event "onload" it's always fired? 0.00
Javascript issue "Unexpected token :" -0.71
Async / Await in simple JS file -0.20
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ( while running JS function +0.55
FormData doesn't work on upload files in React project with Red... -1.06
Vanilla javascript Fetch API formData upload 0.00
JQuery validation not fired on form submit 0.00
Why doesn't `this` returned from bound function strictly equal... -2.28
If is still returning bad array -0.72
Uncaught SyntaxError: "Unexpected token { " 0.00
How should I design/implement an answer to a specific question in a... -0.20
console.log the content of a closure 0.00
PHP HREF URL Link not opening webpage 0.00
File upload using axios post with basic auth 0.00