An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1513.93 (48,992nd)
1,499 (109,125th)
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Title Δ
Long text pushes button down in linearlayout +3.88
Best practice on multiple IdentityServer4 services 0.00
NCalc precision problems -4.23
Inline If statement - short-circuiting +0.29
Extract the word between the quotes and store the values in an vari... -2.95
How to stop code in specific method -3.31
Make object that encapsulates List<> accessable via [] operat... -1.39
C# why List.Remove() breaks 'for loop'? +4.16
enumeration literals +2.75
A* search algorithm determine loop variable when no path exists -4.22
Pass data to a existing form +3.30
Using Event to apply TellDontAsk pattern +3.27
Date format "dd/MM/yyyy" to "yyyy/MM/dd" +5.99
How to get ParameterInfo Value? +4.12
Better way to convert an int to a boolean +0.56
Serialization using c# -1.12
Create string in MessageBox or WriteLine +3.31
How to call a keyboard key press programmaticly? -1.39
More efficient way to find all elements in a List +0.81
How to create a structure with dynamic properties and attributes in... 0.00
cannot convert from from system.collections.generic.ienumerable<... +0.04
I need help using regex and extracting a string after a colon -0.41
Need to implement Threading and semaphore in C# console application 0.00
How to create XML in C# +0.02
Find least significant digit position of C# decimal +3.13
How to copy a file to a specified path while installing exe? +4.36
bool property to Func<bool> conversion -1.04
ToList method in Linq +2.53
c# Naming Convention -1.52
How can I do this with a regex pattern? -0.34
C# Constructor chaining: proper usage? -0.61
To check logic in statements which is in a word document -3.85
Grouping text by characters into dictionary of chacartes with Unico... -3.90
What is the best way to populate base properties? -1.49
Convert Textile to plain text -0.10
Unpacking an array into method arguments -1.38
How would you write this linq query efficiently? 0.00
Using ref over return -2.49
Strange sorting behavior -2.58
How to print each element with root attribute of the node of an XML... +4.02
How do i close shut down my application from another Form? +4.21
Is there a way to pass an array of type parameters to a generic met... +0.75
Does the Event "Close childWindow" exists? 0.00
Convert IList<T> to BindingList<T> +1.82
Problems with waiting for the threads to end -1.09