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Marc Glisse

1558.69 (5,733rd)
5,405 (30,429th)
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Title Δ
std::optional - construct empty with {} or std::nullopt? +0.31
Any versions of g++ as library? 0.00
Gcc autovectorization weird behaviour in matrix multiply when array... 0.00
What is the difference between openmpi compilers? 0.00
Eigen Matrix + Boost::Serialization / C++17 -0.26
Force gcc not to inline a function -2.38
CGAL 4.12's Lazy_exact_nt not exact? 0.00
Using clang's feature checking macros to detect existence of st... -2.18
gcc's __builtin_memcpy performance with certain number of bytes... 0.00
Erratic behavior of GCC's std::sort with lambdas -3.88
Is constant time cascade-computing possible? 0.00
GCC 7.1 won't fully optimize rotate, if rotation parameter is u... 0.00
GCC fails to optimize aligned std::array like C array 0.00
How to assign a float value using GMP library in C? +5.46
C++ Durand-Kerner root finding algorithm crashes with GMP, but not... 0.00
How/Can C++ lambdas retain inner state? -0.81
gmp_printf() - print in hexadecimal / base16 0.00
CGAL: convert quotient to double 0.00
Make -j works but -jN is not working 0.00
inline assembly error while compiling linux kernel 2.4.0 0.00
Why is gcc not compiling this code consistently? -2.85
dpkg-buildpackage error: missing files (usr/include/*) 0.00
g++ optimizing arihmetic expression with trivial terms (zero-produc... 0.00
How to use the __bzhi_uxx intrinsic without letting gcc to insert o... -2.71
Get connected points (edges) from a d-dimensional Delaunay Triangul... 0.00
Is it possible to declare and pass an array in one line in C++11? +0.31
Problems Building GMP using iOS SDK 8.3 0.00
gmp gives error using mpz_pow function 0.00
Qt c++ Increasing integer with pushButton to label +3.26
GMP - Certain Functions not declared, others are? C++/MinGW -0.76
Can I use a signed integer as an argument to __builtin_popcount()? +3.17
Is `--enable-mpbsd` no longer required when building GMP? 0.00
Using gcc attributes with C++11 attributes syntax +4.34
gcc: never be able to link libraries under `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-g... 0.00
Get values of GCCs option params 0.00
Compiling C++ code using __float128 +3.99
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libmpf... +3.78
Is there any reason standard library implementations do not use ass... +3.26
Make gcc not issue a 'ret' instruction at the end of function 0.00
How do I enable the preprocessor in gcc assembly 0.00
bool __builtin_sadd_overflow (int a, int b, int *res) not declared 0.00
Boost 1.57 filesystem/system linker error with gcc 4.9.2 0.00
MPFR: get sin of mpf_class 0.00
How to make gcc generate rotate instructions 0.00
mpz_set_srt Sets 0 to mpz_t +1.01
Why doesn't GCC's std::function use rvalue references to ar... +3.23
Is it feasible to add this optimization to GCC? 0.00
Undefined symbols after header inclusion of std c++ library 0.00
Missing "missing sentinel" warning for exec in C++11 0.00
How to optimize out default if-branch +3.28