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Mats Petersson

1568.75 (4,194th)
112,218 (604th)
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Title Δ
Does a vector copy/move each element to a new memory allocated once... 0.00
How to expect a function to be called in a specific frequency by us... 0.00
Strcmp like behaviour applied on list of objects in C++ -0.34
How to dynamic_cast a pointer of a class with no virtual method? +2.21
Any optimization for random access on a very big array when the val... +0.67
Measure the number of seeks 0.00
gcc vs clang common library issue -1.99
Default buffer size for standard input and output (for cin and cout) 0.00
enum, classes, namespaces and long names +1.81
C++ basic architectural design +0.39
C++ deleting object, does it lock? +1.66
OpenCL - how to make helper function return array and transfer port... +0.51
LLVM Clang C++ code injection 0.00
Hundreds of failing unit tests 0.00
Branch prediction overhead of perfectly predicted branch -1.23
Checking internet connection from C++ code 0.00
C++ Lambda Generated ASM code +0.11
Destroy call in placement new 0.00
Addressing this in static classes instances on x86 32-bit 0.00
Aligning a 3x4 matrix pointer to 16 0.00
Is it faster to multiply low numbers in C/C++ (as opposed to high n... -0.79
Including a large header to use an object as a default argument 0.00
c++ serial connection 0.00
Do SIMD construct of openMP require a particular kind of hardware? -0.74
C/C++ exposure of functions / methods vs Java 0.00
Relying on network I/O to provide cross-thread synchronization in C++ -0.06
XOR A String In PHP With Key Is An Integer 0.00
Default argument vs overloads in C++ +0.30
Embedded C - Which type of error code should I use? Signed vs Unsig... +0.40
C++: __sync_synchronize() still needed with std::atomic? 0.00
clang python bindings: how to find type of a variable 0.00
Versions of GLIBC 0.00
Why use abs() or fabs() instead of conditional negation? +0.46
Is Iterator increment results a new iterator? -0.23
How to reverse bits in a bitset? -0.55
How to efficiently write to a large number of files -0.94
How to understand the macro definition +0.60
What's the point of a `.inc` file in C++ & C? What situatio... 0.00
Is this a good goto-statement in c++? -0.48
why blas is slower than numpy 0.00
memory range sharing in threads : ensure data is not stuck in cache +1.71
Checking value of preprocessor symbol(#define) 0.00
Inline declaration missing in header: Linker or Compiler Error? +0.41
Why can't a string literal be concatenated to __FUNCTION__? -1.88
Is my understanding of a buffer correct? 0.00
How large is a jpeg file without all its codec information? +1.13
What really is constant? Definition -0.89
LLVM IR Array Move with c++ api 0.00
Hash function: Is there a way to optimize my code further? +1.25
How does the compiler allocate memory without knowing the size at c... -0.97