An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1500.21 (479,026th)
21,123 (6,350th)
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Title Δ
Using parent class to contain many instances of child class +0.00
Trying to build uberjar from multiple maven modules 0.00
Avoid creating dual mappings from logstash +0.49
Create new fields from parts of datetime field -0.01
Seamlessly hosting different parts of a website in different docker... +0.06
Why doesn't my query work? (SQL) 0.00
Choosing log file dynamically 0.00
XSL err: "Content is not allowed in prolog" - not sure wh... +1.95
Find accented and non-accented variations of same word -0.25
Child objects missing when web service receives object +0.70
Ansible condition always evaluates to false +0.51
Terminate ansible playbook based on shell output +1.96
Include tasks in file before the file exists +0.48
Controlling Vagrant plugin dependencies via Ansible +0.51
Memory leak with PowerMock on Jenkins 0.00
Location of a Point class -0.09
How to use a variable inside an sql query +0.00
Cobertura code coverage test on Maven plugin 0.00
cobertura:check seems to be missing parameters 0.00
Maven GroupId with special characters 0.00
Reference a nodeset without copying it -1.31
How to call maven-resources-plugin programatically -0.49
Maven plugin development - how to ensure building for Maven 3.0.x i... 0.00
Eclipse no longer allows Shift-F 0.00
Learning to program without a language? -0.25
Getting oracle.jdbc.driver.LogicalConnection, need oracle.jdbc.Orac... 0.00
Maven replacer plugin - repeat while matches exist -0.52
Include specific JAR files in skinny WARs with Maven 0.00
Generic binding between EJB module and HTTP router module +0.00
How to extract part of SQL query from a table 0.00
Regular Expression for decimal numbers (at max 3 decimal numbers wi... -0.41
Sum for same ID in every row SQL -1.64
WebService times out, but client receives no exception 0.00
Getting a double with .00 +1.59
How can I tell maven/wsimport to ignore certain schema files when g... 0.00
Else without if error +2.30
check against empty form field +1.28
Using PL/SQL to develop relationship among two tables? 0.00
PL/SQL: How select data from table and input into package accepting... 0.00
Deployed webservice schema does not match what's in workspace 0.00
WebSphere problems with webservices when build/deploy with Maven 0.00
JAXBException caused by generated code +0.01
EXTRACTVALUE - XMLType query delay 0.00
How i can pass column names from variables in plsql update statement +0.02
Using Spring to configure SOAP handlers 0.00
Performing schema validation on incoming SOAP messages in WebSphere 0.00
purpose of creating thumbs +1.07
PL-SQL store query results into a variable 0.00
Implementing SOAPHandler without using annotation @HandleChain 0.00
Extracting columns and table names from an oracle query that is bas... -0.58