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Rating Stats for

Andy Prowl

1810.24 (5th)
102,850 (707th)
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Title Δ
rvalue hello world missing constructor 0.00
Compile-time (constexpr) float modulo? +3.40
How to achieve dynamic polymorphism (run-time call dispatch) on unr... +1.43
How to achieve dynamic polymorphism (run-time call dispatch) on unr... 0.00
String representation of std::vector<T> +2.16
How do I make this template argument variadic? +5.45
Opengl Weird Rotation 0.00
Is it possible to use dynamic_cast for template type checking? +1.55
How to make generic computations over heterogeneous argument packs... +4.27
Search for a struct item in a vector by member data -0.52
How do I fix c++ compile with wrapped typedef in a template structure +3.66
Why does a value of an enum with a fixed underlying type of char re... +0.78
Product sequence & factorial assignment, not sure if a line of... +0.21
cannot allocate an array of constant size 0 +1.57
How to do lazy evaluation on a reference to an interface (trying wi... 0.00
C++11 `T&&` parameter losing its `&&` correct termi... -3.53
Changing order of calling constructors in class with guest object +0.68
multimap query - order in which we store keys with multiple values 0.00
Segmentation fault in a recursive function. Using std::stack (C++) -3.98
Printing uppercase letters using 'if' +3.22
Summing the first N primes 0.00
Reading in arbitrary numbers of a particular word into a cstring 0.00
Return Statement Check Condition -2.10
QList and MyClass undeclared identifier +3.88
C2664 for std::vector cast operator -2.49
How do I add a backslash after every character in a string? -3.76
C++ standard replacement for (s)printf -3.80
Pros/ Cons of using one big include file +0.81
`X::X(const X&&)` Const Move Constructor? -1.89
The declaration of class in C++ combines the interface with the imp... +2.05
How to iterate std::list<AbstractType*> +1.98
Pretty-print types and class template along with all its template a... 0.00
Getting appropriate storage value type? +4.10
vector::clear() behind the scenes & destruction -1.79
Why can't my constexpr function return a lambda? +4.28
Keyword "auto" near critical points +0.52
Does Passing STL Containers Make A Copy? +0.28
Deduction of the type of a nested template variadic non-type list 0.00
split variadic template arguments 0.00
Where would you use a friend function vs. a static member function? 0.00
How to detect whether there is a specific member variable in class? 0.00