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Yosvel Quintero Arguelles

1503.95 (243,838th)
11,670 (12,668th)
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Title Δ
redirect to another html in angular 0.00
Rearrange values in an Array of Arrays -1.52
JavaScript array application -0.11
Modify the value of all elements of an array +2.29
Filtering result +0.92
Loop over objects inside a list and return unique values -0.06
Return all arrays which contains a string within its array -0.70
Replacing character using JS /g function shows undefined -0.25
How to get index of a named object inside an array 0.00
Create new array based an array -1.06
how to count how many days between 2 date and weeks of the year (ja... -0.01
Better way to write this JS reduce() code? -1.01
getting the value from object returning undefined 0.00
problem when using += in setInterval to continually increment a var... -0.01
How do I export a private variable to a public variable in javaScri... +0.12
filter an API data with current date in javascript 0.00
How to make a search and filter using javascript -0.94
Compare two string and count letters that are different +0.25
How do I create a function for two-dimensional array search? +0.94
how to get span inner text inside div tag -0.11
How to add condition to compare two array and change value of match... +1.06
Merge objects with same id in array -0.13
JavaScript: How to add a new item to the already existing JSON Array? 0.00
Changing the color of the last character of a word with a javascrip... +0.99
whats the difference between the two codes below, (i ran them, but... -0.32
How to make a function wait for 4 seconds before returning? -0.95
How to prepend div id to div using jQuery? +2.39
traverse through nested children of an array of objects and make a... -0.41
Get the "range" of array list based on an object value +1.58
Deep merge two json object es6 +0.50
Javascript How to add array with another array into a new array? 0.00
Dynamically restructuring an array of objects each containing two p... 0.00
Javascript: Get multiple values from a select input 0.00
How do i filter JSON based on a key, so i only have a list of one t... 0.00
loops and how to pull the name of companies starting with S 0.00
Flatten and distinct multiple arrays in an object 0.00
Array of Objects Optimization 0.00
Removing object array from array based on condition 0.00
how to compare multiple values in object in typescript 0.00
JSON.parse parsing " string -1.76
How can I get the total number for an object's properties in ty... +0.55
How can I reduce cyclomatic complexity for the function +0.98
How to remove elements from a Javascript array? +2.78
Specify properties for objects inside an array of objects +1.13
Remove empty objects, arrays, strings or integers from an object -0.91
sort an object in javascript, according to parent object.(react) +0.76
Array group by date and remap objects 0.00
I want to know how I could add a variable into innerHtml +0.50
Jquery find link in Div - open as defined in html -1.81
How to filter an array based on starting letters -1.10