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1379.75 (4,536,267th)
4,001 (41,918th)
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Title Δ
Oracle 11g count how many Mondays and Thursdays from a starting dat... +3.26
Get day number when all I have is day of the week 0.00
Oracle SQL : summarize genealogy data into sequential order +0.27
How to change the subscript/index value in an associative array? 0.00
Union a table with a synthetic table to get result even if query re... +0.70
list of months error -1.49
Trying to return the number of records to the console that I've... -1.39
Need to remove square brackets generated by BIML 0.00
Oracle query to obtain batches of rows +2.74
How to assign a value to a null query +1.16
oracle select where not exists in second select -0.81
How to avoid unnecessary double quotation (") in fputcsv? 0.00
Inserting incrementing date into separate Select query -1.30
How can I group/aggregate values correlated to 2 distinct values as... -0.26
SQL: partition over two columns -0.72
restructuring sql rows into columns of the same type +0.67
Oracle SQL - Delete Entries Based Off Unique Rows -1.07
oracle 6i form date compare trigger 0.00
Retrieve Selected Column from the oracle query 0.00
Running count distinct over a column - Oracle SQL +0.29
SQL secondary headers within data +1.09
how to retrieve a number from a string contating separators in pl/s... -0.04
How to put comma separated values to a column in oracle -0.80
Get only Number -0.68
Oracle like ' 124 % string not working -0.74
How to get values with out sum? +0.26
SP2-0552: Bind variable "VAR1" not declared +0.13
PL/SQL retrieve multiple rows using SELECT INTO in Oracle 0.00
Replacing specific substrings between tags -1.37
Oracle reports builder, printing on last page +0.67
Find which character occurs the greatest number of times in a string -0.74
Oracle / SQL command for showing only rows where criteria is changed -1.34
how to generate a table of random data from existing database table... -0.70
Joining a table to itself in Oracle +1.36
Concatenate columns and group them by the result of the concatenation -0.35
Increment a column value in Oracle +0.54
Strange Oracle query result +0.67
Updating values instead of NULLs -0.70
Given a date, select all the week numbers that month contains +0.51
Count values of a particular column and display it monthwise and pa... +0.16
Replacing TAB in Oracle SQL query -1.35
Cannot convert number to date -0.78
PL/SQL: TO_CHAR show format 0.00
To display multiple row into single & single row into multiple... -0.32
Oracle PL SQL remove duplicate data in string -0.14
Do you want to made changes in oracle forms +0.16
Write XLSX file - Oracle forms 0.00
Converting/Casting int to string in sql 0.00
How to transform rows to a single row with columns in Oracle 0.00
Sorting records from Oracle with multiple decimal points (.) -0.39