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1435.06 (4,535,037th)
2,621 (64,460th)
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Title Δ
Python Debug Execution Mode 0.00
How can one dry run a git push to check whether one has write permi... +0.86
How to Group Applications at Build Time 0.00
Building an xslt variable with elements from multiple files +1.12
Is it possible to kill a spinning thread? -1.39
CMake: ordering of include directories (How to mix system- and user... +0.75
How to define thread-local local static variables? -0.92
***glibc detected*** free(): invalid pointer: -2.66
Organize cross-platform C/C++ project -0.23
Deleted and Defaulted Functions Real World Examples +0.26
Do we really need "enum class" in C++11? -1.34
variadic function - how to ensure parameters passed correctly +0.52
C++ - best way to do an array of different implementations -0.85
C++ - What is this doing if the constructor is private? -2.76
What kind of "Traits" are used/defined in the C++0x Stand... -3.47
Is it possible to conditionally compile / run code based on a macro... -1.49
Generic visitor using variadic templates +0.62
Why does the compiler try to instantiate a template that I don't ac... -2.76
c++ #include style differences -3.12
How to use GCC diagnostic pragma with C++ template functions? +4.38
Issue with static functions, g++ says the class hasn't been declared -3.09
c++ boost::thread execute code on main thread? -3.64
Boost.Thread no speedup? -0.86
functions as template argument, plus variadic template argument -1.53
Generalizing for_each over a tuple to accept a variable number of a... +0.46
Stuck in an if statement in a while loop -0.25
commands after try..catch don't work -1.77
how to document generated constructors in doxygen 0.00
libstdc++ - compiling failing because of tr1/regex 0.00
Does template class specialization/explicit instatiation improves c... +4.75
Optimizing the finding of the widest string in an array of strings? -2.06
Moving all {'s to the right of function name? -1.87
Distribution of many small classes -1.57
C++ documentation templates +0.04
Why my prog fail? +4.35
Cache Optimization of C++ Code +0.89
Best practices: How to improve this code that sums container values? +2.10
Initialize a vector array of strings -2.81
Member function that doesn't access member data, and encapsulation,... -1.43
C++ random number generator without repeating numbers -3.06
What do I need to do before deleting elements in a vector of pointe... -0.89
What is 0xFF and why is it shifted 24 times? -3.21
Advantages of using arrays instead of std::vector? -0.21
Detecting when a "new" item has been deleted -2.82
Changing Warning Level for 3rd Party Libs -3.36
Virtual constructor question +4.37
Why would connect() give EADDRNOTAVAIL? 0.00
Getting started with smart pointers in C++ -3.10
Returning a type of an object; -0.09
Sharing data array among threads-C++ -2.50