An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1542.93 (10,459th)
18,999 (7,262nd)
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Title Δ
npm scripts not working as intended 0.00
Entity Framework Command Hyphenation Makes no Sense? +0.43
What is the difference between float* and float[n] in C/C++ +1.78
Is virtual table per object or per class? +0.47
Entity splitting with EF Code First issue -0.03
Why is there no difference in these 2 pointer adresses? -0.79
TransactionScope on Azure App Services with Sql Azure 0.00
Is it more efficient to compare float than double? +0.45
C++ FindWindow doesn't work 0.00
std::bind causes illegal indirection error 0.00
I want to know how it will act when the function "add" re... -0.60
Browserify + Minifyify with non-minified source maps -0.22
Copying Visual Studio C++ projects between non-networked computers +1.30
Dynamically allocate memory for vectors -0.52
Do debugging information reveal code in C++ / MSVC? -0.39
Resolving referenced Assemblies for mixed-mode DLL in a plugin 0.00
List<T> vs HashSet<T> - dynamic collection choice is ef... +0.98
How does the std::basic_string constructor know beforehand how much... -1.74
Are Priority Queues really Queues? -0.05
Client sends 500 Bytes, but server receives 244 Bytes - Socket Prog... -0.08
Issue implementing basic templates -0.07
Bootstrap container not recognizing columns 0.00
cppcms - why is hello world with url mapping not working? +0.41
When do we say a connection is established in a Web Application? +1.18
Testing a method which deletes the test file -1.51
Void_ptr++ does not work, but void_ptr+= does +1.89
jQuery Flotchart is one month off 0.00
Unable to Start Debugging. visual studio 2012 prompt after one time... 0.00
C++ map thread synchronization +0.10
How to determine if compiling for 64-bit iOS in Xcode 0.00
Visual Studio C vs. C++ Flag Issue 0.00
Is there a way to use GLSL programs as filters? 0.00
Is std::common_type buggy under VC10 compiler? 0.00
Ajax calls still go through after browser is closed or new request 0.00
How does extern work? -0.03
bootstrap modal works in Chrome and Opera, but the html page is not... 0.00
Is IsDebuggerPresent() function a safe method to stop a process fro... -0.20
C++ Templates:-Warning in a function template +0.12
C++: Call child static method from parent +2.19
Unable to create 4.3 OpenGL context -1.34
Visual C++ appends 0xCC (int3) bytes at the end of functions +1.68
Using RedirectToAction to break out of a controller/action -1.15
Is a big switch block unavoidable in C++ due to lack of reflection -0.38
How can I make sure model binding will work as expected? +1.13
Determining if there are events in the queue with X11/Xlib 0.00
Use derived class's static method as function callback in C++ +0.25
Why three threads are faster than 10+ +1.25
Clang vs MSVC: Treatment of template function prototypes -0.07
Is there any cases were using a profiler shouldn't be used? -1.17
What is the recommended method for creating a library with multiple... +1.65