An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1505.29 (129,812th)
1,503 (108,143rd)
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Title Δ
How can I efficiently prune and merge nodes in a quadtree? 0.00
Difficult to understand Naive Bayes Predict() method 0.00
how do i get a bunch of squares to look like the border of Croatia? 0.00
How do I make it so each button I press in my calculator app combin... -0.07
PCL: Scale two Point-Clouds to the same size -0.21
Implement "did you mean" over the keys of an unordered_map 0.00
How to pick a subnet for an Elastic Beanstalk Elastic Load Balancer... 0.00
Elastic Beanstalk Extensions: When does a command complete? 0.00
Prioritize Wrapping in CSS -0.95
How to change *just* the padding of a button in html on iOS 0.00
Static constexpr of class inside class link problems -1.57
undefined / NaN error in output +1.46
Calling JNI functions from a const method -0.02
Semantics of template specialization or separate functions 0.00
How can I consolidate duplicated javascript functions? +3.60
Obtaining names of functions at compile time? 0.00
Idiomatic and efficient way to add two ranges element-wise +0.81
Implementing an any container 0.00
C++ Mixins - Is this the correct way of implementing? 0.00
Overload += operator as friend function +0.07
In a simple C++ 11 four-thread program, my two consumer threads are... 0.00
C++ function returns a rvalue, but that can be assigned a new value? +0.51
How to signal expensive vs cheap template parameters? -3.42
c++ function proxy for execution control 0.00
error: expected primary-expression before 'template' +4.85
Exception to the Rule of Three? +4.39
template argument deduction/substitution failed, when using std::fu... -4.06
Struct of vectors in Shared Memory +0.45
Generic member function pointer as template parameter inside anothe... 0.00
Using a parameterized subtype of a templated type inside of another... 0.00
Fabric methods list for different arguments count 0.00
writing STDIN to process using its PID 0.00
Ways to distinguish string literal and runtime generated string +0.75
wrapping map access, smart or stupid? +0.32
Can an application override a gtk theme for one property of one wid... +2.12
checking conditions on char * filename +4.19
Is there a nice way to create "split object" in C++? -1.83
Is there a nice way to create "split object" in C++? -1.83
ObjectPool with external Instance Creation 0.00
Generalized (non-slicing) pointer to templated tree nodes? (C++) 0.00
Extending enum types 0.00
Deleting specific class objects stored in an array +0.14
How to return a pointer that uses a custom constructor -0.44
How to create a button with two states? +0.08
Making a program portable between machines that have different numb... -2.55
Populating a checkbox list with an array 0.00
C++: Design objects to model unique items in a system +0.02
long type max equaling int max error + math.h pow() compile warning... +0.27
How to change server-side data in Django after a javascript/jquery... -0.40
Javascript Trigonometry Problems +4.62