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CB Bailey

1651.10 (543rd)
723,355 (24th)
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Title Δ
Why can't std::variant find operator<() when not in same nam... 0.00
How can I git push to a destination that does not exist yet 0.00
Git tree-filter discards changes again in consecutive commits +0.30
What's the difference between grep \\$ and grep \\\$? 0.00
Count number of commits between tag creation and current HEAD commi... 0.00
Initialize all the elements of an array to the same number +1.12
Revert select lines of a file in Git 0.00
Filter `git show <commitId>` result with file extension -1.91
Do objects declared within loops get constructed only once? -0.33
Is there a way to concretely know what files have been staged in th... 0.00
How can I make a non-member function which uses an overridden funct... -0.09
git alias: multiple commands, variadic parameters -0.19
How to get Git diff of the first commit? 0.00
How to get the hash of the commit in which a deleted line was added? 0.00
.gitignore file not ignoring correctly -1.21
What is the purpose of .git/log -1.45
Checking out into a separate directory without affecting the curren... 0.00
Assembly AT&T x86 - How to compare a specific byte in a long? -0.13
Nasm, C++, passing class object +0.29
Passing arrays to functions c++? 0.00
POSIX append with newline? -1.34
A strange C++ class declaration -2.84
Why can't I change my private data of an instance in copy const... 0.00
How to add modified files in a directory to the index, but still ig... 0.00
Is it safe to remove const via const_cast and invoke a non-const fu... +0.25
Git diff between master and all files changed in a pull request 0.00
Makefile to move programs to specific directory 0.00
GIT: How to unambiguously reference current HEAD when having a bran... -2.32
What is the actual use of "signed" keyword? +0.61
Pointers Values -0.97
The difference of local variables in main and other function 0.00
Any difference between (T)value and T(value)? 0.00
Git: Make working tree match a reference -0.05
Unable to load shared library : -1.18
custom branch storage in git 0.00
How do I recursively remove temporary files containing ~ in git rep... +0.87
Git: Weird conflict with nothing +1.26
Is there a difference between .get() and -> with smart pointers? +0.35
Why does Git switch my branches when I have modified files in the w... +1.32
Show file content from index -0.23
Git show only author from commit hash? 0.00
Why am I getting different answers from grep -oc "foo" fi... -0.22
Proper Destructors / RAII / Something -0.15
Get list of commits where a specific user has modified a specific f... 0.00
Why does GNU make always re-link my project? +0.42
dynamic_cast to solve an implementation dilemma +1.26
Bash remove part of a string -1.23
When using Git, how to tell which branch a new branch is created ba... -0.53
Why does a git merge with conflicts end up with me having .lock fil... +1.16
Unexpected Behaviour of GCC and VC++ Preprocessor +1.17