An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Luiz Felipe

1507.34 (102,074th)
841 (177,017th)
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Title Δ
Distinguish operator precedence when traversing AST +5.65
EntitySql CreateQuery<T> Return Type 0.00
How to combine two DataSet Tables into one 0.00
Imperative vs Declarative code +0.31
Manage sync calls in async method .net 4.5 0.00
Windows piping simple issue +1.26
My form loses focus after button click in c# 0.00
C# issues with multiple app.config files -1.31
wininet from IE 11 randomly returns error 12003 for most FTP functi... 0.00
Succeed to connect my WCF service only from local machine unless ma... 0.00
WCF net.TCP traffic clarification 0.00
WPF how to force designer to display custom window style +4.03
Resource file name too long 0.00
ServiceRoutes not working in WCF 0.00
Not passing Credentials to WCF Service resulting in a 401 -0.13
How can I iterate over easily-differentiated colors? (jsfiddle incl... -0.47
VB.NET Detect memory manipuation? 0.00
Modify dll function call in compiled exe 0.00
Monitor a process's usage of each CPU core 0.00 library sending custom class 0.00
Detect how much percentage of the page (page coverage) being printed -0.06
IIS URL Rewrite working in one page only -1.95
Open a .exe file in %appdata% in console of C# 0.00
connect grid view to database 0.00
Does Revirtualization works with Hyper-V and not Xen 0.00
Converting MaterializedDataRecord to an entity or why does EntityDa... 0.00
What 130 second timeout is killig my WCF streaming service call? 0.00
C# anonymous recursion and Y-combinator performance 0.00
Java TLS connection behaviour 0.00
Why does the StatusBar.Invoke method not work for a ToolStripProgre... 0.00
Split string to List<string> with Linq 0.00
Converting an int into a 4 byte char array (C) 0.00
How to set keep alive interval for HTTP connection in WCF 0.00
C++ function parameters: use a reference or a pointer (and then der... 0.00
using .NET Reflector on a C# DLL get below unreadable code, how do... 0.00
Is there any simple way to concatenate two BitArray (C# .NET)? 0.00