An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1531.33 (17,395th)
118,760 (553rd)
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Title Δ
Why do we usually use `||` not `|`, what is the difference? -0.96
Sending Objects Across Network using UDP in Java 0.00
ASP.NET websites are compiled but with more HTML markup generated! +0.43
Highload web projects using SQL databases -0.05
ORM or straight SQL? +1.05
Invalid Viewstate since ASP.NET Oracle Padding Vulnerability Securi... +1.08
WCF DataMember attribute for read-only fields? +1.09
How to get content of a web page (android)? 0.00
How to post partial view to another controller method -0.06
SQL update one column from another column in another table 0.00
How to convert a string of numbers into integers? +0.72
Android connecting - WCF Service should return JSON +0.21
Have Arrays in .NET lost their significance? -1.05
Add a Binding Extension via Code -0.52
Correct Use of .NET Exception +1.00
inaccessible due to its protection level -1.10
How to get result back from CGI(C) to the same HTML page? 0.00
Any way to repeat this process twice using a loop? +1.75
Concatenating String in SQL Server 2005 +2.10
Asynchronous Delegates Vs Thread/ThreadPool? -0.31 User Control with underlying control editor functionality 0.00
how to make string value accessible from one area to another in C#... +0.66
Strip all punctuation from a string in +0.29
Get Assembly Names in Current Application Domain +2.17
How do I dispose of a VB6 COM object i'm using via an interop assem... 0.00
Is HTML 5 supported by all the main browsers? -0.19
Is it better to use Action Script 2 or 3? +0.46
Detect if line segment intersects square -0.05
Structs - real life examples? -0.63
javascript connect to web site code not working -0.29
Maintain scroller position on Div after page postback (ASP.NET) +0.43
To improve a relation figure for a database +0.35
AJAX Performance Testing -0.42
how to create a singleton asmx service +0.67
How to work a Count clause into this query? -0.87
IQueryable<T> with ASP.NET MVC - Can you use this if Model cu... +0.00
What section should I place my SqlDataReader code in? +0.50
Does the amount of code make a data structure larger? -0.54
can java consume .NET object returned by ASP.NET web service? +1.03
Java string inside string to string +1.54
Keeping queries out of JSP - how? +0.04
Asp Classic Include Once -0.51
http://localhost/ not working on Windows 7. What's the problem? +0.46
submit forms in .NET +1.02
Visual Studio 2008 not generating Web Service Reference.cs proxy cl... +0.05
ASP.NET Cache and File Dependancies +1.45
When should I use double instead of decimal? -0.15
How do you debug ASP.NET applications under IIS7 on Vista? +0.16
datetime for a cms +0.41
IIS 5 session and Asp.Net session 0.00