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Konrad Rudolph

1639.75 (638th)
406,360 (50th)
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Title Δ
Does every code in header file A get included in header file B assu... 0.00
dllexport Struct pointers and returning uint8_t 0.00
Simple hash table for a conversion R script 0.00
What is mean by "result shall be round ties to even" ? Ho... 0.00
Function with constant as an argument 0.00
Remove character from the middle of a string 0.00
C Program with Stack that have int and char 0.00
Filtering data frame in R : Combining GREP with variable names? 0.00
Sorting function breaks when I try to change it to reverse alphabet... 0.00
How to obtain a position of last non-zero element 0.00
Multiple plots in a single row 0.00
getopt_long()'s longindex always 0 0.00
Is there any simple way to copy an uchar array to a double array? 0.00
Is there a way to convert .so file into .c file? 0.00
copy assignment failure in c++ 0.00
Is there autosave for RStudio? 0.00
How do you handle an unknown number of command line arguments? 0.00
Error in test[[1:3]] : recursive indexing failed at level 2 0.00
sort columns with categorical variables by numerical varables in st... 0.00
"Variable Array set but not used" 0.00
X-axis for times 0.00
How do you insert greek symbols into stargazer labels within markdo... 0.00
Checking for specific command line arguments in C++ 0.00
How to use this CCITT-CRC16 function? 0.00
Save available package methods with their source code in a text file 0.00
Hiding output from a vectorized function 0.00
How to fix "Does not exist" when calling a static functio... 0.00
When creating an alist, how to extract a function body at runtime 0.00
How can I replace the values in a matrix of class table? 0.00
A recursive function that retrieves characters and returns in rever... 0.00
Could not find function "%<>%" with dplyr loaded 0.00
Returning values after last NA in a vector 0.00
C program shows conflicting type in function in the header file and... 0.00
What does a pipe character in python slice notation do? 0.00
How to create a list of all symbols(classes/methods) of a C/C++ pro... 0.00
Rename objects in environment r +2.25
Plot with bar and line and two y axes 0.00
Deparse, substitute with three-dots arguments 0.00
Tokenize a URL in C 0.00
Add custom attribute without quotes -0.19
Plot area not showing - grey box only 0.00
Scatterplot in Shiny 0.00
Extract parameter values of a function passed into parameter of fun... -0.65
Strictly speaking does the scoping assignment <<- assign to t... +1.40
Adding \mathcal to data frame 0.00
Add multiple curves / functions to one ggplot through looping +0.35
ggsignif package error stat_signif requires the following missing a... 0.00
How to remove '+ off' from the end of string? 0.00
Generate data.frame from frequency table -2.06
Rearranging a table based on a certain condition and using for loop 0.00