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Rating Stats for

Konrad Rudolph

1639.75 (638th)
400,610 (50th)
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Title Δ
Rename objects in environment r +2.25
Plot with bar and line and two y axes 0.00
Deparse, substitute with three-dots arguments 0.00
Tokenize a URL in C 0.00
Add custom attribute without quotes -0.19
Plot area not showing - grey box only 0.00
Scatterplot in Shiny 0.00
Extract parameter values of a function passed into parameter of fun... -0.65
Strictly speaking does the scoping assignment <<- assign to t... +1.40
Adding \mathcal to data frame 0.00
How to add multiple curves/functions to one ggplot through looping +0.35
ggsignif package error stat_signif requires the following missing a... 0.00
How to remove '+ off' from the end of string? 0.00
Generate data.frame from frequency table -2.06
Rearranging a table based on a certain condition and using for loop 0.00
Export text file in a loop to know the progress 0.00
Setting seed in R 0.00
tryCatch in for loop -0.20
One-line output operator for a binary tree 0.00
lapply set of functions across multiple dataframes -0.85
How to make a large list in R without using a loop +0.32
Convert WindowsPath to PosixPath -0.19
Equivalent of `break` in purrr::map +1.90
Statistics problem. How do I draw a sample size x from a population... 0.00
Legal column names in R and consequences of syntactically invalid c... +1.38
How do I call the `function` function? +0.45
average line plot with shaded confidence interval in ggplot2 +1.26
Using case_when() within mutate() to create levels for a factor var... +0.31
Error: Must supply a symbol or a string as argument +0.31
return the status of par("xaxt") in use in an R plotting... 0.00
Writing a plot in bitmap format (e.g. PNG) to standard output +0.33
How can I use R to quickly plot all variables 0.00
Deconstruct DNAstringsSets into normal strings +0.32
Keep user-defined functions in global environment, during removal o... +0.44
What's the meaning of monotonicity concept? 0.00
Different function output and print option in r -0.71
My code-signed DMG is rejected by GateKeeper 0.00
Can I create a global dataset in a function +1.44
readLines killing R in purrr::map -0.67
Feeding paramteres to a function as a list in R -0.69
Create a sequence between two letters -2.20
User-defined conversions sequence -1.74
How to implement extracting/subsetting ([, [<-, [[, [[<-) fun... 0.00
Match string between two characters -0.97
Extract jpg name from a url using R -0.44
Using "any" operator in dplyr filter 0.00
How to insert placeholders for columns without data points using R? 0.00
Why does calling `detach` cause R to "forget" functions? 0.00
Write old fasta header and new to file -0.46
r Shaping samples into multiple data frames (96 well plate) 0.00