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Konrad Rudolph

1634.41 (749th)
420,804 (51st)
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Title Δ
copy vector into queue 0.00
Homemade toupper: looks the same but not identical 0.00
Calculation using pointers in C 0.00
Assigning compatible vector? 0.00
Assignment using call() 0.00
delete weird hidden characters from string in Python 0.00
How do I get the full version as a string after packageVersion? 0.00
Check if two stacks are equal in O(1) space 0.00
How can i pass pointer of function from std::function to Linux clone? 0.00
Weird behaviour of calculations with C and ctypes 0.00
Understanding the order in new[] 0.00
Problem to access members in pointer struct located in another poin... 0.00
Does Rstudio put '.Rproj.user' and '.Ruserdata' in... 0.00
Can I turn this requirement into a macro? 0.00
How to can a std::array class member be statically asserted to be s... 0.00
Calling another cpp function in templated Rcpp function 0.00
What is the difference between '/' operator and "%/%&q... 0.00
How to write a for loop to create variables in R? 0.00
Do the datasets/dataframes inside a package also get loaded automat... 0.00
How to memoise a function at package startup in R 0.00
Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object 'BMI' not found 0.00
What is a difference between the encoding nominal variable and orde... 0.00
what's the difference between Class(const Class & c) and Cl... 0.00
Why is f'{{{74}}}' the same as f'{{74}}' with f-Str... 0.00
Parse JSON in R using V8 $eval? 0.00
How may i fill a 3d array in R? 0.00
How do I use html_nodes to select nodes with "attribute = x&qu... 0.00
Utilization of atomic_flag on C++ 0.00
Is every "normal" use of user-defined literals undefined... 0.00
Two double quotes around preprocessor token in macro definition 0.00
Where and How to define class constants in C++? 0.00
Using Regex to find the characters '!' and '?' in a... 0.00
Segmentation fault when using vectors in the class and constructor 0.00
Mypy doesn't throw an error when mixing booleans with integers 0.00
What is the most efficient way of having a placeholder char* that c... 0.00
mapply with function that takes previously computed output as input 0.00
Removing files with/without spaces in filename 0.00
Is it possible to make read-only comments in a R Script? 0.00
Force read_xml to interpret string as literal XML 0.00
If c# is typesafe language then why it is allowed to change type of... 0.00 returns a function or a symbol, but symbols can't... 0.00
Convert list of symbols to character string in own function 0.00
Scrape the last item from a list of varying length 0.00
using sapply on a vector of dates 0.00
Regex Statement to recognise nothing using or (|) 0.00
Kolomogorov-Smirnov test: C to R translation issue 0.00
Is there a base R function to dynamically order data.frame columns... 0.00
Modify global environment when rendering RMarkdown document 0.00
Assigning `comment()` to an R object from a .txt file 0.00
How to filter multiple date ranges 0.00