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Konrad Rudolph

1671.48 (312th)
517,151 (58th)
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Title Δ
What's the benefit of a property with readonly getter? +1.13
Why passing struct function to for_each loop does not change the st... +1.23
How do i fix this return compilation error? +0.28
How to create new String using a lambda function? +0.54
German Umlauts not Working in ggsave when sourcing script in R 0.00
Why is this C++ working? (declaration/definition of variables) +0.26
How can I shorten or summarise my command? 0.00
Return index numbers in R where object lengths are not multiples +1.72
Why is Rust saying my variable is unused? -1.72
Why does add_column assign a letter to the data? 0.00
Why does BigInteger parse "80"(hex) to two bytes? -0.29
Weird that `ifelse` is not always the simple form of `if` 0.00
How to pivot_longer this dataframe? +1.66
"too few arguments to function 'fizzbuzz'"? 0.00
Can assignment operator be overloaded to return the value of a prop... +1.06
How to get the fist digit of a number -0.59
Is there an R function to divide a list by a character list +1.46
Why do two indices need to increment/decrement while checking two c... +1.74
Why am I receiving an "Unassigned Local Variable" Error? -0.16
bzero doesn't do what it says it does +1.18
String objects is immutable; why I was able to change it? +0.27
Is it possible to remove variables with a certain pattern from a da... -0.36
Convert a vector of character strings as symbols +0.29
How can you duplicate a data frame multiple times into a list 0.00
ksmooth function doesn't work with parameters via ellipsis 0.00
Script continues reading from file although file is finished +0.74
How to match the starting and ending character for str_replace_all 0.00
Where Object Is Allocated When Created By Another Object That Was A... +2.52
How to solve the problem "Exception in thread "main"... +1.13
Understanding set.seed() in R -0.77
How to remove a list of strings in a list +0.29
How to specify amount of side by side plots on one window -2.00
How to specify amount of side by side plots on one window +2.00
How to empty a data.table +0.29
Equivalent of ternary operator in R 0.00
How to replace underscore with string? -0.46
Am I guaranteed this ordering for a HashMap's entrySet()? 0.00
How to obtain type reference parameterized by the input class arg? +0.59
strcpy() on a string inside a struct - undefined? +1.71
How to subset .Rmd files in a directory using list.files -0.72
_ctermid.h not found on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 0.00
Why does Python allow the use of 'and' while storing a vari... -1.91
Search for specific line in R function body +0.22
Wide to long with many different columns +1.14
Alternative to long ifelse statements 0.00
is there a platform that incorporates java code with regular text? -2.82
Does ggplot2 use/inherit some parameters in the R basic graphics? 0.00
Where are array declared as pointers stored? -1.86
Median and square root in Java 0.00
How do I create methods for a class? 0.00