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Konrad Rudolph

1632.66 (786th)
417,137 (50th)
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Title Δ
How can I check if a sequence of numbers is a fibonnaci sequence an... +0.30
Reading multiple CSV files object at once from AWS S3 using aws.s3... 0.00
Saving workspace image, in R +0.32
Modify elipsis in R 0.00
R thinks argument is a function but actually is a variable 0.00
What does the `[` argument mean inside map_df? 0.00
Making variables immutable in R +1.06
Remove a single backslash in paste0 output 0.00
using const double* const as a template parameter - code perfomance... +1.56
Partial Imports: Import everything up to a error +0.33
What's a good pattern to calculate a variable only when it is u... -1.31
Can I use a function when naming new columns with quasiquotation? 0.00
How to read raw data from sd card in R 0.00
Assign string to object based on filename with multiple conditions -2.43
Why is my C++ implementation slower than the R source? 0.00
std::vector<WCHAR> not freeing memory automatically in C++ 0.00
How to extract data of scatter plot from plot() in R 0.00
Broken multi line macro 0.00
Convert C++ byte array to a C string +1.59
How to add bar to each group to represent group mean? -2.81
Accept both bare (from rlang) or string as a function input +1.63
How do I convert vector to single text? -0.12
Unexpected operator in if statement 0.00
Create Function with special character R 0.00
Where to find the man page for the Windows API? +1.64
How to remove empty string ("") in string 0.00
How I extract especific part of class of RangedSummarizedExperiment... 0.00
How to fix macro #ifdef for conditional code? +0.32
Clear R environment of all objetcs & packages +0.31
Why c++ code implementation is not performing better than the pytho... 0.00
Find All Unique rows based on single column and exclude all duplica... 0.00
Summarise column based on contents of other column -2.30
How to change the local variable without its reference +0.96
How does an array terminate? -2.10
Is it a good practice to use os.chdir(os.path.dirname(__file__)) at... 0.00
how to access and work with a single bit in function that gets the... -0.18
Idiom for default S4 method? -0.18
How can I replace the frame of ordinary numbers (e.g. 84 to 106) by... -0.55
What is difference between unspecified no of arguments and variable... 0.00
return makes integer from pointer without a cast when returning a s... +0.80
.Renviron variables not found when Rscript run from powershell? +0.30
Spawn subprocess in R -0.17
how to know the memory size utilized while running an application w... 0.00
What should I do to load images in cairo? 0.00
Shell command makefile parameter function 0.00
Using quotations inside mutate: an alternative to mutate_(.dots = .... +0.47
Only receiving parent printf when runnnig GeeksforGeeks sample sign... 0.00
Count all the files in a directory (including files in subdirectory... 0.00
Find Argv[i] in /bin and /sbin in C -0.20
Passing to pointer to char in function and read value in caller 0.00