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1492.79 (4,346,630th)
18,340 (7,585th)
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Title Δ
Swift Combine: Collect with Sliding window like functionality -1.23
Swift Generics Protocols: can only be used as a generic constraint... 0.00
SwiftUI list items triggered multiple times 0.00
Swift/Obj-C interop: Prevent bridging of Foundation classes? -2.07
Why does an optional in fast enumeration cause an infinite loop? -0.96
Mock NSCache Generic Methods in Swift 0.00
How to use a mutable array as dictionary value in a performant way? 0.00
swift: How can I decode an array of json objects, without creating... +2.29
Swift: Can weak reference be deallocated during optional binding? -1.61
Can iOS Objective-C app use nested static ObjC/Swift libs? -2.10
In swift 5, how to retrieve the key of the second low value in a di... -0.43
functional construct for flattening array for multiple row insert s... -0.92
Is it possible to UI Test individual Swift UI components? 0.00
Pass data from ViewController to Representable SwiftUI +0.50
Objective-C++ and Swift - nested structs in bridging header 0.00
Protocol with associated type as type workarounds 0.00
How is using iOS universal links from the same domain? 0.00
1 duplicate symbol for architecture arm64 - Xcode - running out of... 0.00
Swift combine retry only for some error types +2.74
Elegant way to split an array in swift -0.26
Swift - How to pass Binding values through View hierarchies? 0.00
What is the difference between adding the observer to self or to th... 0.00
How to extend an 2-d Array? -1.32
Is first(where:) Method always O(n) or it can be O(1) with usage of... -0.78
Get the index of the last occurrence of each string in an array -1.68
Swift extensions with calculated variables with looping possible? +0.08
Swift combine error: method on 'Publisher' requires .Failur... 0.00
Swift - Difference between passing variable and passing variable ad... 0.00
how to extend optional chaining for all types -0.94
Swift Combine: collect after sequence publisher not called +1.29
Get Swift enum type from string that matches type, not rawValue +0.48
Check for uninitialized non optional value in Swift? 0.00
SwiftUI Why Can't pass a publisher between Views? +0.02
Cancel a nested Combine publisher 0.00
Implement protocol partially in Objective C and partially in Swift 0.00
Generic type conforms to Sequence with help of opaque type: some It... 0.00
What does this function actually do? -1.61
Xcode - Parse string into usable data structure 0.00
How can have an instance or a return type of a generic type conform... -0.50
Filter a String based on the positions of each of its Characters? 0.00
How to use flatMap() and reduce() on a range of a 2d array -0.86
Is there a simple way to traverse a multi-dimensional array and tra... +0.12
Make a swift protocol conform to Hashable 0.00
How to make a Combine publisher that publish values continuously? 0.00
Dictionary and Set are RangeReplaceableCollection? +2.66
Is there a high-order function to convert a linked list to an array? -0.36
Why this callback doesn't gets called unless I assign the resul... +1.75
Sum value of an array of structs in Swift -0.73
Objective-C Memory Management on Static Variables -0.52
Open UIDatePicker programmatically in iOS 14 +0.30