An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Alexander Trakhimenok

1480.04 (4,370,797th)
3,756 (44,551st)
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Title Δ
How to set capacity when initialize a map can prevent rehash -0.68
How to check if the parameter is a date in object 0.00
Why does my looping variable not convert to a string? 0.00
Code generating negative numbers while trying to generate unique in... 0.00
How to split a string into substrings using special keywords? +0.49
Angular : Map error: NgFor only supports binding to Iterables such... 0.00
How do i retrieve multiple documents from cloud firestore, but no d... 0.00
Angular 8 - Create multi-app structure sharing same app module -0.46
How do you get filepath.IsAbs to correctly indentify an absolute pa... 0.00
AppEngine log not accepting context 0.00
Google Cloud Datastore Indexes for count queries 0.00
Why pointer of Array/Slice change in Go if len doesnt change? +1.14
JSON Marshaling of composite structs which both implement MarshalJS... -0.80
common function to create map[string]struct from slice of struct dy... -0.05
Golang channel output order +1.75
On Google app engine web applications, what are the authentication... +0.02
App engine push task always returns 404 in test -0.21
Angular: Disable animation on initial view / page load 0.00
none return value function in Golang +0.07
Is there a way to only encode an XML opening tag in go xml package? 0.00
How to update index in App Engine Data Store after adding a column? 0.00
How can I query for multiple properties not known in advance using... 0.00
Deploy small change to google app engine +0.02
Datastore query returns no data when ordering result 0.00
Using Cloud Firestore with AppEngine Go Standard Environment return... +0.03
How to delete Telegram message from certain chat members? +0.53
Concurrent requests handling on Google App Engine +1.36
own len function with recursion in Go -0.82
Immutable Struct in Golang +0.55
Deploying Telegram bot service to a shared host environment 0.00
Unable to decode byte slice back into struct 0.00
"Merge" fields two structs of same type +0.71
How to embed large arrays in Google Cloud Datastore without reachin... 0.00
Atomic sequence counters in Google Datastore 0.00
How to query from Google Datastore using NOT LIKE filter condition? 0.00
Optimized solution for selecting one item from array in Python 0.00
Is there a way to break the select if any channel is closed? +2.66
Compare structs except one field golang +2.52
Go: how to check if a string contains multiple substrings? +1.17
Pass arbitrary struct as function parameter 0.00
What is a progressive web app in layman's terms? +0.84
What is the scope of the Google App Engine api's namespace mana... 0.00
How to handle multiple users on Telegram bot in C#? -1.39
how to change the target url in google app engine +0.03
Use different flask object handle request in one appengine service 0.00
In golang, how to write a pipeline stage that introduces a delay fo... -1.14
Pass function reference with unknown parameter type in Go -0.42
gcloud app deploy tries to compile unwanted files, can I exclude pa... 0.00
How to set a breakpoint just before exit in golang +0.75
Why does my random number not update? 0.00