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1477.52 (4,505,005th)
49,350 (2,046th)
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Title Δ
C: Why would using register be considered bad practice? +2.44
Vim finding where functions and such are declared +2.20
I am getting an invalid read of size one error from valgrind when I... -0.79
How do I convert assembly code to C code? 0.00
C ioctl convert to python +0.04
Setting RS485 device address in python under linux -0.98
Why does switching the order of the if else statement result in an... -1.28
Convert compile-time constant vector to heap-allocated version -0.25
Why can't we MOV a value of A000H or higher into a 16-bit regis... +1.84
How to merge two files line by line in shell script? -1.39
How can I split a 5 consecutive numeric digits from a string? (Pyth... -0.13
Pipeline Processor Design to handle both branch outcomes 0.00
How to Check if a number is of 4 digits in C? -0.46
Unexpected behaviour using bit-fields and unions -0.67
local variable refernced before assigement error +0.53
Pointers Accessing Incorrect Addresses OS161 0.00
Why does isalpha() counter program gives wrong output? C 0.00
Segmentation fault when trying to print strings from 2D array via a... 0.00
C redirecting stdout to file with predefined message +0.18
GetVersionEx Windows 10 detected as Windows 8 0.00
Git status shows an untracked "master" file +0.23
Getting the error "undefined reference to 'strsep'&quo... -1.50
Scanf() function with strings 0.00
clock_nanosleep on RPI1 sometimes takes longer than it should -1.78
Read and Write from serial port under Ubuntu for USB scale 0.00
Makefile for Fortran gives this error: make: don't know how to... -0.49
How to fix this "segmentation fault 11" for this switch f... 0.00
why free(ptr) here is not suggested approach? +2.54
What is difference between F = (9/5 * C) + 32 and F = (C *9/5) + 32... -0.63
How to select the data correspondent to the nearest time to certain... 0.00
Find the name of the file or files with a certain text. This comman... +0.52
Understanding functions in stm8s disassembly? -1.85
How were C's different signatures for main supported before _Ge... -1.59
MySQL search and remove some text in a field -0.75
In malloc, why use brk at all? Why not just use mmap? +1.27
When/where are local arrays allocated? -0.54
What is the difference between 2d array pointers and *arr[]? +2.68
well balanced and correctly written expression +0.28
Back-to-back UART transmission with PIC16F18326 - Skipped bytes +0.55
Trying to troubleshoot concatenating a string in C +0.00
Detect a collision in python - like isPointInPath 0.00
Can't find any idea to print data from mysql using function +1.38
Implementation of conditional statement in x86 assembly -1.89
For loop does not stop in C++ Arduino 0.00
Mysql what if too much data in a table -0.68
Reading from file does not work as expected with fscanf -0.76
Multiple function calls on one interrupt-generating button press -0.44
Data alignment of structure using malloc +2.63
UNIX system call to unset the reference bit of a specific page in p... 0.00
Intel flat memory model 0.00