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1600.52 (1,715th)
28,483 (4,367th)
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Title Δ
Largest Even Number in an Array using Swift 0.00
How to insert a substring before/after another substring? 0.00
How do you get the aspect fit size of a uiimage in a uimageview? 0.00
Is there a way to add willSet parameter to a struct's instance... 0.00
Black screen with viewDidLoad after if else statement 0.00
Sending data through coded button/function in swift 0.00
Rounding currency values (SwiftUI, Core Data) 0.00
Swift - decode JSON data with JSONDecoder 0.00
Xcode 11.5 Assistant editor show any file +1.62
Problem assigning a Swift function to a function variable -1.07
Is there a more efficient way to combine a date and time in swift 5? +1.73
Is there a way to set a specific text style in swiftui similar to t... 0.00
iOS Date Formatting without year, with correct localization 0.00
Implement CSS into Swift Animation 0.00
How to get All the characters before a specific character while sta... -1.90
Enumerate Through A String To Find Integers, Change then Replace Th... 0.00
SwiftUI - Graphically reduce a VStack -0.39
how do I sort an NSMutableSet in Swift? 0.00
Custom Cell in TableView hide label on DidSelect -0.02
Compiling failed: type alias 'PriceLabel' references itself 0.00
Shadow opacity swiftUI 0.00
How to determine the readable content width of a view? 0.00
Are these two lines written in swift 4 the same? 0.00
Swift return random element from array into text 0.00
Binding to a read-only property in SwiftUI 0.00
SwiftUI: is there exist modifier to highlight substring of Text() v... -0.58
Xcode custom symbol image set asset 0.00
Where to find .ipa files uploaded through Xcode to iTunesConnect? 0.00
How to implement a List of TextFields in SwiftUI without breaking d... -2.48
SwiftUI @State vs Binding +0.02
iOS SwiftUI: ObservableObject from parent to child 0.00
Extract view properties in SwiftUI +0.35
What's the SwiftUI equivalent of touchesBegan(_:with:) 0.00
Reduce an array of dictionary with many keys to an array of diction... +1.16
Create coloured circle based on value(360) or percentage(100%) +0.33
Commits are shown as done by a different user Xcode 0.00
Two-way binding in Swift Combine +1.46
How to get the filename of dropped file in SwiftUI? 0.00
How to change background color of modal presentation ios13? 0.00
check if the returned value is an integer if so return string swift -1.82
why in xcode, home directory is showing as /Users/myname/Library/Co... 0.00
How do I setup local notification repeated each 7, 14, 28 days from... -0.14
Setting cornerRadius of layer for a view embedeed in stack view giv... +1.68
How can I use CGAffineTransform to skew a UIView in multiple direct... 0.00
When to layout subviews of UIViewControllers view? 0.00
How to get first values of arrays which are nested another array -2.42
How to snapshot a WKWebView with a transparent background? +1.44
How to Combine two dictionaries in an array of dictionaries -0.33
Swift: Provide default value inside string literal -0.32
How to masking the last number in Swift? 0.00