An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.81 (107,846th)
2,640 (63,737th)
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Title Δ
How to connect MySQL from host to Docker? 0.00
Retrieving parent-child ordered data in MySQL -0.01
Retrieve objects in array +1.90
Currently executing code +0.39
Maximum execution time (php/mysqli) error handler +0.49
SQL : How to get the latest value of an unordered column +2.72
Class variable uninitialized error in ruby on rails +0.49
Print out vector of strings backwards -0.74
ActiveRecord Joins -2.19
How to give pointer in JSON? -1.27
try to implode string using php and redis +0.49
Rspec request specs and session values 0.00
Using a function inside of a C++ class inheritance -0.03
PHP validation function. Check for numeric and positive -0.54
Compiler Independent Types -0.72
Make objects appear to vibrate in OpenGL +0.46
Error while creating model 0.00
Blocking null value entries into database -0.96
decrypt the password if I know the encryption function -0.65
Asign value to array in for loop -0.08
stl unordered_set how to set initial bucket count +0.18
Ambiguous table reference -0.22
!$variable = $variable inside if -0.79
How to use array_diff_key properly? -0.74
Propagating sessions via url -1.17
Can I avoid using the class name in the .cpp file if I declare a na... 0.00
How to loop through attributes and an array to create a table in a... +0.96
PHP Added to query string on submit +0.44
NoMethodError in Articles#index undefined method `is_admin' for nil... +0.46
MySQL table format using watch 0.00
Php+curl: send raw tcp request 0.00
Is it possible to create a std::list in one line, specifying its va... +1.01
How to to fix XAMPP after deleting too many MySQL databases? -4.15
Get the length of char table? -0.55
Recursive loop for category -2.05
linking error in all inbuilt functions +3.04
uninitialized constant Bot::Wordplay (NameError) from Beginning Rub... +4.00
Check if a cookie exsits on another domain +3.76
Will new automatically use swap if memory is limited? -2.87
template operator << getting round 0.00
Get all categories (multilevel) +3.94
Ruby recursion error -1.72
Applying a sequence of operations from N to obtain the value M -2.85
Insert query with records exceeds the limit -0.03
http_request.set_form_data : Getting undefined method map for strin... -0.22
$_GET not deserializing/getting the value from checked check-boxes +3.97
How to solve the upCast error in Zero C Ice compilation? - Gcc - 4.... 0.00
Cloning object in C++ with exactly duplication (data set after cons... -2.40
I can't get the following ajax call to run in Chrome? 0.00
Eclipse shows errors but project compile fine 0.00