An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1584.02 (2,687th)
12,234 (12,016th)
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Title Δ
Is it wrong to use "box-sizing: border-box;" in universal... +0.38
Trim and reuse RegExp matches to update string +1.67
How can I add more more cases for an IF statement in javascript 0.00
Javascript label position 0.00
How to extract the content between the <sup>2</sup> tag... -0.11
Simple javascript gallery, show big image on click of each small th... 0.00
How we can access a div from JavaScript? +1.83
Javascript - hide/show - multiple buttons - calling 1 function -0.64
Extract data using index, not name 0.00
Adding to a <div> element using innerHtml creates a new line? 0.00
github insights: how to look for commits of a specific branch 0.00
If I modify a primary key's type, will auto_increment remain in... 0.00
I need my dropdown to show and or hide columns respectively +0.38
Mouse and click events on three buttons +1.40
IF statement to select only titles that are not null in jQuery 0.00
Combine multiple older commits into one 0.00
how to recognise these fields correctly (allocated in a javascript... -0.71
For Loop HTML/JS , weekly descending numbers -0.11
How to make a bottom arrow hole in a rectangle -0.11
Modifying output of google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.... 0.00
Access rows from different tables using row IDs 0.00
Exclude a pseudo-class from transition in CSS +1.59
How to abstract a property attribute in an array in PHP? 0.00
How to align multiline selection in HTML? -0.17
Validating inputs using JavaScript RegEx +0.39
Typescript - extract string from Text containing symbols +0.56
I want to have margin:left for my a links in navbar, but i dont wan... +0.39
How to restrict input numbers on a textfield between 1 to 9 using j... -0.28
Div has margin-top, but I don't added it -0.19
CSS Font size not rendered by browser +0.33
Position Discord widget in certain spot on webpage 0.00
Javascript foreach function +0.47
JavaScript sum of numbers in an array producing string instead of n... +0.38
How can i seperate number and string (Beginner,JS) -0.10
Select lines in Textarea 0.00
JS UTC timestamp behaviour -0.95
Git merge branch with another empty branch -0.00
Select specific p in current div +0.98
Delete a dom element using a button within it, vanilla JS +0.99
Styling elements that are dynamically generated -1.02
Group an array of objects based on a specific field +1.87
A word containing style with comma acts an selector eg:-"Style... +2.15
Why backhub taking only master branch of repositories? 0.00
How to make a customize user input in JavaScript? +0.69
select link having href with a specific get variable -1.56
How to sort the digits within subgroups of a number's digits wh... +1.17
How to correctly use the scroll eventListener in vanilla javascript? +1.54
How to split a datetime string into 2 pieces +0.58
Multiply in Jquery +0.12
Get specific text from string javascript 0.00