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Rating Stats for

Óscar López

1705.85 (113th)
180,255 (257th)
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Title Δ
Deleting adjacent repeating characters in a string -0.51
SICP exercise 3.67 - producing all pairs of integers without restri... 0.00
Simplest way to perform a case insensitive "in" check and... -0.58
Throw exceptions without using if - Java +0.62
Collections Counter - How to remove "counter" from output +1.30
Trying to replace all instances of an element in a list with a new... -1.02
Sorting a list using my own function to sort 0.00
How do I order posns based on increasing posn-x values and posn-y v... 0.00
Create tuples from a list in Python +0.80
remove all whitespaces from the beginning and end +0.95
python list of tuples to a dictionary -0.74
What's wrong with my syntax? Trying to see if a list contains a... 0.00
Implement andmap function in scheme for any number of lists +0.98
Get one list of lists from N lists of lists, and sometimes a list a... 0.00
Racket complex reduce function 0.00
Applying list of functions to list of values in Racket 0.00
python np.nan and '==' & 'is' 0.00
Compare two variables if I don't know their type +1.05
How to slice elements between other elements with python +1.40
why python len() command for "-1" is 2? +0.44
Scheme function definition how to do it 0.00
Python 3 - Find missed tuple ranges -0.57
How to add data to a dictionary in a specific format? -0.24
str to int Python 3 -0.26
Most frequent words from text excluding words that are of certain l... -0.35
Python.. Accessing the default sort function? +1.16
Removing the end of a filename in python +0.45
Get two different list with map 0.00
Return a list without the last element -1.51
Reversing a list in Scheme with restrictions 0.00
What is efficient way of removing empty values from dict inside list? +0.25
the sum of the all integers from a to b, What's Wrong With My C... -1.12
Generating a set of unique numbers/strings from a given string -1.16
While not "A" , unless "AB" -1.14
Data structure for linked list +0.30
Which is faster? if not x in OR if x not in -2.38
Access the elements of a list around the current element? +0.31
How to know if something exists in a dictionary in python +0.43
Is there a "right "way to store a String and an Integer i... +0.25
Scheme Function to sum even numbers 0.00
Array structures can contain strings, which can be different length... +1.13
How to we write a recursive function call in python 0.00
How continually add to a string? +0.83
Why does Math#nextUp not increment by Double.MIN_VALUE? +1.71
want to calculate the average of marks but it won't print decim... 0.00
Why does dividing two list items always equal zero? +0.23
Is there a way to get vecfn to call on vecadd getting #<procedur... 0.00
Why does it say method nextInt is undefined and case "A"... -0.25
How to avoid using a global variable? +0.24
Removing list elements than are made of the same numbers +0.38