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Rating Stats for

Óscar López

1698.76 (134th)
120,721 (233rd)
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Title Δ
Racket- converting daily used + - * / 0.00
Check for a prime number using recursive helper function +0.23
Sorting a list of dictionary based on the length of one of the valu... 0.00
How to pass a list into message of SNS? 0.00
Remove A string from B string -2.04
Unable to read strings passed to python from a json file (Has to be... 0.00
General question about the significance of -1 -0.25
Data representation of complex numbers in Scheme 0.00
Getting "keys" from list of dicts -1.31
count number of element in multiple sublists scheme 0.00
Parsing a text to the tree in Racket/Scheme 0.00
How to split python string into list? +0.25
Weird behavior of ternary operator 0.00
'int' object has no attribute 'ljust' 0.00
if a or b explanation -0.09
Sort list by a function with several parameters 0.00
Problem with recursive method in reversing the string +0.62
Shorten a chain of conditions +0.01
Fibonacci in a cached solution +0.79
I want to find the last occurrence of a value in an array and also... +0.23
How is the JVM prevented from 'optimizing away everything'... -0.87
Destructuring records in Scheme +0.23
I do not understand why a lambda scheme is working +1.08
Scheme recursive -0.62
Python map list of two-element tuples into key:value dict +0.66
How do I know whether an expression is a continuation? +1.33
sorting string values in python +0.49
What's difference between case and match? +1.28
Why single quote is ignored in case expression? 0.00
Avoid using set! into functional programming style algorithm +0.06
Python for loop is not iterating, 0.00
Racket number->string conversion issue 0.00
Get the second element of a list of lists as a list of lists +1.35
Compare all the elements of a list of lists without using andmap 0.00
List as an argument in class? -0.18
filtering factor programming 0.00
Shorten with match +1.28
alternate ways of formatting a dictionary using a for-loop +0.25
How to find the majority integer that is divisible by the integer 10? +0.49
Trouble with my scheme function that tries to create production val... 0.00
Return in python, reading values from .txt file +0.24
Selecting some lists from a list of lists 0.00
Taking groups of elements randomly in scheme 0.00
Scheme - difference between if and or 0.00
sorting the list inside another list +0.23
Racket: Product of even number 0.00
Several lists as an input for a function 0.00
Extended Euclidian Algorithm in Scheme 0.00
How access a specific position in racket list 0.00
Split up long list of 100 values to a list with small arrays of 10... -1.58