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Óscar López

1718.79 (88th)
188,817 (259th)
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Title Δ
Racket/Scheme - Replacing an item with another element in a non fla... 0.00
Spliting a list at a certain location using Racket/Scheme 0.00
Match length of arrays in Python 0.00
how can I return all the data of one that is in a list as structure 0.00
What should List<long[]> method type return? 0.00
Trying to sort a Double Collection 0.00
Else statement gets ignored when using multiple if else statements... 0.00
Scheme: Iterative process to reconstruct a list in original order? 0.00
Racket: given the seller name, print the result of the products sol... 0.00
Scheme - program to count the number of pairs (SICP ex 3.17) - is m... 0.00
Parse unstructured text in python 0.00
Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm in Scheme 0.00
HTDP2e Exercise 65 Write down the names of the functions (construct... 0.00
Scheme: Is it possible to convert a list of S-expressions into a li... 0.00
Racket macro to stringify all but s-expressions 0.00
python negative number divide the number than itself the result is... 0.00
Scheme: When I cons two atoms I am getting a dot in the middle. Why? 0.00
Python dict - how to set a variable as value? 0.00
How to skip a part of the code if a certain condition is met 0.00
How to change content of quoted value in Guile +1.01
Is it possible to loop through operators (greater than/less than) i... +1.12
Invert a list without the last element in Racket 0.00
Dynamic Programing on Racket 0.00
simplifying loop with loop carried dependency 0.00
Python Dictionary and list confusion +0.75
Scheme recursive procedure that compares two lists and returns matc... 0.00
Combining objects in one list -1.36
Split list of strings into multiple sublists if they are the same -0.95
SCHEME- comparing lists and returning only the values that do not a... +0.93
Java enhanced for loop (for each loop) throws Exception 0.00
How to fix contract violation errors in scheme DrRacket? 0.00
How to perform If statement using Lambda java 8 on an employee object +0.20
Loop to queue a list n times in scheme -3.02
Am I using list comprehensions wrong? +0.22
Strange mit-scheme interpreter behaviour +0.61
How to catch an exception message in python? -3.13
Python if statement invalid syntax 0.00
Showing Syntax Error : Invalid Syntax for Print Statement on Jupyte... 0.00
How to change the value of outside variable from inside the method +0.22
SICP Ex. 1.17 - "fast-multiply" slower than "multipl... +0.41
Using a for loop to create a new list +0.47
Python, detect letters with “in” +0.22
Apply function to tree structure in racket +0.21
Simple censor function does not work in python -0.45
How do I count the number of token strings in a list? -1.32
Creating a function to turn a vector of vectors into a list of lists 0.00
The object #f or #t is not applicable 0.00
Conditional definitions in scheme (lisp) 0.00
how to avoid overwriting when using cat command +0.94
Remove list from list of lists if condition is met +0.64