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Óscar López

1698.20 (150th)
188,817 (262nd)
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Title Δ
How to write a function that transforms a triple ['a','... 0.00
Unsure how to type fractional equations with exponents 0.00
Indexing an item in my array that is 'x' does not return Tr... 0.00
I find the error while running code which is elif n == 2 0.00
Passing a list as an argument to another function +0.24
concise function definition that only return parameter value +1.17
How to find the lowest value in a hashmap? -1.31
Exception: action out of range 0.00
Return in case of Recursive call to a method +0.58
Can you save the split value in the split function? -0.26
yield unexpected expression syntax 0.00
Name 'total' is not defined when trying to sum using a for-... -0.01
How to find if a list consists of ordered perfect squares in scheme? +0.24
How to re-assign objects in a loop? -1.04
Create variable whose size increases inside a for loop +0.24
Combining FOR and IF in python +0.47
How to find the mean of a list with mixed symbols (numbers and char... -0.57
can I use 'let' inside a 'cond' in a Scheme function? 0.00
Scheme : recursive process much faster than iterative +0.96
How to return a function in scheme (racket) using conditionals? -0.74
Why doesn't my counter work with the function "alternate&q... 0.00
Sorting OrderedDict entries according to keys in natural order +0.24
Using Python's in-built methods for string formatting +0.39
Adding spaces to duplicate elements in list -0.50
How is isEmpty() different from size() == 0 in Priority Queue 0.00
How to check if two value of dictionaries exist within the same ind... +0.64
"If" function not recognizing value of variable after bei... 0.00
Print Asterisks using recursion using python -0.50
Storing variable names in list -0.19
Is it faster to convert an array or list to a hashmap/dictionary an... +0.58
Must the first argument to `eval` be a list? 0.00
How to write (+/-) in Python? +1.12
KeyError Issue in value 0.00
How do I scale values all the values in a list where the largest va... -2.87
How to iterate over a list and create sublist +1.16
Python Print Parts Of Dictionaries +0.23
Meaning of a statement +0.24
How to modify part of a list of floats? -0.01
How to remove even numbers from a list in Python? -0.48
Iterate over Collections Object using foreach 0.00
how to find out how many lines are in a variable 0.00
How to sum values in dictionary with multiple elements in string? -1.03
Non-Arg constructor Java 0.00
Iterate a map in Clojure +1.13
Why doesn't run this loop over all my list? 0.00
In Racket how do I return a list that contains all the keys which o... +0.85
In racket I have created a function to find the maximum value in a... 0.00
In Racket how do i find the length of a list using struct instead o... 0.00
How to remove and change appended list in python? +0.25
Python all()/any() like method for a portion/part of list? -0.50