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Rating Stats for

Óscar López

1699.85 (147th)
188,817 (259th)
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Title Δ
R5RS - Display number from operation as decimal 0.00
Formatting a string from a list of numbers 0.00
While loop won't stop looping 0.00
element-of-set-p: Symbol’s value as variable is void: false 0.00
DrRacket Scheme Contract Violation expected number 0.00
Find the average of non-negative numbers that occur in the input be... 0.00
fixed point to find root of a²+a³=392 but report Overflow... 0.00
Riemann integral formula to compute high-order function 0.00
Scheme: variable required in this context 0.00
Find root with Newton's method 0.00
(let (next (f guess)) vs (let ((next (f guess))) 0.00
add a list to a dictionary key within a for loop with an undefined... 0.00
Evaluation allows for combinations whose operators are compound exp... 0.00
I cannot use the continue clause in this python programme 0.00
Filtering out blank spaces 0.00
list comprehension comparing two different list 0.00
Comparing lists of tuples 0.00
Case command in Scheme language 0.00
List comprehension inside a list comprehension with comparison cond... 0.00
Fixed number and fixed rule in iterative process 0.00
Calculating area of Triangle (Scheme) 0.00
Create an array of strings and a string variable from dynamic args 0.00
Is there any built-in function to extract elements from list in Sch... 0.00
How can I replace elemts of a list with other elements 0.00
Why can't I append 2 lists then save as a varible then print in... 0.00
a-plus-abs-b: Invalid function: (if (> b 0) + -) 0.00
racket - calculate polynomial function 0.00
List of arguments of structures 0.00
racket - produce the number of operations in a binary tree 0.00
Python lowercase error: 'list' object has no attribute '... 0.00
`or...equal`? clause and list membership check not returning the sa... 0.00
DrRacket: expected a function after the open parenthesis 0.00
Scheme if expression returns '#<void>' if the body co... 0.00
Racket language output issue 0.00
Calling list function with Dr Racket R5RS undefined error for '... 0.00
How to read a string to get user input in GNU Guile? 0.00
Racket: list-ref function 0.00
Python does not match format '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%Z.%f' 0.00
SICP Ch. 3.1/ 3.2: Assigning a variable an object's parametric... 0.00
max-lisp-eval-depth to find sqrt-iter 0.00
Scheme: Find all elements of a list greater than X number 0.00
Counting the elements inside a list of list 0.00
Wrong argument type listp, "GIF" When reverse a list 0.00
How do I use arguments instead of a list? 0.00
Let-Form Bind Values In Scheme 0.00
Scheme error says "attempt to apply non-procedure" when f... 0.00
How to swap first two items of a list in racket? 0.00
Nested conditionals and unspecified return value in scheme 0.00
How do I find the average of integer value from the list consisting... 0.00
Java double value matching NaN 0.00