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Óscar López

1714.03 (91st)
188,817 (259th)
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Title Δ
how to make a radius of the circle using python 0.00
Why are Python logic operators not working with this if statement? 0.00
Advice on why my code has stopped working? 0.00
How to provide full path in require in racket? 0.00
How do I write an if-else statement in Scheme? 0.00
How do I move items from lst1 that are present in lst2 to the end o... 0.00
Calling a function with scheme 0.00
Python counting positive integers 0.00
How can I check that a variable is 0.0 and not False? 0.00
How would I create a answered answer vs correct answer function in... 0.00
I can't get a float in python division 0.00
Why does it not remove all zeroes from the list +0.60
Trying to solve problem with maps and lambdas +0.23
difference in "if" and "cond" in Scheme 0.00
Scheme How to write list of lists into CSV file 0.00
Combine Two Heaps Given a First Order Relation 0.00
How to make a persistent value from variable in a lambda function -0.54
Python: Why do these lines of code display different values? -0.37
How to return a flag from recursion in python 0.00
Scheme Traverse and print a DAG in a depth first way 0.00
Modifying a list in scheme using built-in functions and map +0.74
Printing in Scheme 0.00
Recursive Definitions 0.00
Comparison Function as Parameter in Racket 0.00
Replace list into list of list 0.00
Transform a list into a sentence 0.00
Empty List with size 2 0.00
Finding a more effective algorithm +0.24
Check if array entry was already exists in Java +0.20
Creating an evaluate function in racket +0.24
Getting the next element in a pandas dataframe -0.04
why one line python loop and traditional loop return different resu... 0.00
generating a series of numbers without using any string functions i... 0.00
How to get rid of a comma? +0.22
Simplify conditions in python +0.83
Loop to add string of number -0.04
how to make a recursive racket list that, from the input list, outp... +0.76
SICP 3.6 - Rand procedure and local state variables +0.24
What is wrong with this Java String array declaration - very odd -0.76
How would I go about create this function 0.00
python list of dicts - convert each key-value as a individual dict +0.22
square numbers in a tree using fold 0.00
Iterating through a HashSet using a for loop +0.23
Switching key:value list to have values as keys? 0.00
Scheme:R5RS:: Make it ten-thousandth place value 0.00
How to Write a Reverse Function in Scheme? -0.31
Linked Lists and Throwing an Exception +0.23
To check if a pattern exists in a String -0.59
Looking for cleaner way to make association list out of list of num... +0.69
Scheme returns #<procedure>, not a value 0.00