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Óscar López

1704.57 (116th)
185,025 (257th)
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Title Δ
Racket define list 0.00
why are the following declarations not the same? 0.00
How to change values in Scheme but just using purely functional par... 0.00
Why does (a,b)=(b,a) work when a=b+a; b=a doesn't? 0.00
How to implement optional arguments in CHICKEN? 0.00
Stuck on question that uses lists and functions and iterating over... 0.00
How do I output a grid of characters from a list of characters? 0.00
Generate format string based on values in list 0.00
Trying to use '.append' in my python code, but resulting in... 0.00
In DrRacket how do I check if a string has a certain amount of char... 0.00
What is the use of 'when' in Scheme? 0.00
Why are generics needed when we can do casting to Object class? 0.00
For loop iterates less times than I expected in Python 0.00
Difference in function evaluation between Scheme and Elisp 0.00
How to validate type 'java.lang.Boolean' in Spring boot 0.00
How to remove parentheses from string 0.00
In racket how do i combine strings in a list to create one sentence 0.00
Why is the error 'Cannot read property 'car' of undefin... 0.00
Validating if variable is int 0.00
How to include the same element (nbr. or symbol) between the elemen... 0.00
Is it possible to use a ternary operator inside another ternary ope... 0.00
Accessing a variable outside conditions in python 0.00
is there a way to find the greatest number from random numbers? 0.00
Is it standard for Scheme interpreters to not allow if-statements w... 0.00
How to see how many lists an element appears in 0.00
Connections between different classes 0.00
Removing NaNs from dictionary - Python 0.00
Sequence of binary numbers 0.00
How to fix error with Sum of close pairs on the list 0.00
How to convert single list's elements in form of dictionary 0.00
How to set! value of an object in a function? 0.00
Variable Variable in django template 0.00
Why does my adjoin-set procedure in Scheme return an error? 0.00
Filtering records from lists 0.00
Why does my Union procedure of set A and set B return set A and not... 0.00
Scheme function to return the longer of two lists or true if they a... 0.00
Scheme function to take a list and an atom as parameters and return... 0.00
If a dictionary value is a list, how to count item in that list? 0.00
'RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded' for Neur... 0.00
Why is my code getting stuck in a recursive call when a negative ar... 0.00
How can I get the specified key value in a nested dictionary in a m... 0.00
I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate 3 variables into my... 0.00
Why is this if statement like this? 0.00
How to write procedure that interleaves two sequences in to one in... 0.00
What does s() mean? 0.00
What is happening in each line of this code? 0.00
What does is not None stands for in django/python? 0.00
Level out a list of lists 0.00
string-ref function doesn't work as should 0.00
Combine two recursions into one tail-recursion code 0.00