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Rating Stats for

Óscar López

1723.97 (75th)
188,817 (260th)
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Title Δ
Filter out any value other than a number 0.00
How do I abbreviate a string using substring(int,int); +0.81
How to define my own version of filter procedure in racket? 0.00
Feeding functions as parameters in Scheme 0.00
application: not a procedure; expected a procedure that can be appl... +0.95
Python is there a way to hide a programm -0.78
Why, despite fulfilling 'if' criterion, this break statemen... +0.22
variables changing after a function call in python 0.00
How to add a list of two numbers using foldl/r in Racket/Scheme 0.00
How to print a list element by element vertically? Racket +0.96
Scheme: Iterate Through Whole List 0.00
Is it possible to bind method arguments to arbitrary positions in R... 0.00
A syntactic error in the question with the expression let in the sc... 0.00
How do I turn a list into multiple return values? 0.00
How do I get a definition's name as a symbol? 0.00
Problem while defining variables in racket 0.00
Recursivity in Racket to create a list of coordinates 0.00
How would I write a function in Dr. Racket which consumes a list of... 0.00
Foldr for nested lists 0.00
Is there an application of foldr where the resulting expression eva... 0.00
Can i get a input as a list in python? 0.00
Why is cond function not printing in scheme? 0.00
Instead of 'Break' +0.21
Python 3: dictionary doesnt contain all values -2.98
Map string to list racket -0.89
Plotting a grid of lines given some points in Racket 0.00
How to handle a function to work both with and without arguments +0.19
Writing a list to a file more efficiently in Racket +1.07
"Not in" operator doesn't take "or" operator +0.89
How to implement append procedure using tail recursion in Scheme/Ra... +0.75
How to return false if the number is not found in the list +1.11
Scale a (singly) Linked List by n Recursively +0.27
where is the problem in my python script? -0.28
Sort by elements in a list in Racket 0.00
Dictionary may contain a string or an array +0.68
How do i multiply an integer with a function in scheme? 0.00
How the computer read the program 0.00
Nested function in programing 0.00
Scheme eval simple circumvention 0.00
Dictionary/For loops only returns one value? +0.23
In Dr. Racket, how to write a Tetration function 0.00
In Dr. Racket, how would I convert a list of strings to a list of l... 0.00
how to make HTML from a list in scheme, racket 0.00
Problem asking for a list of the all the sums of the sublists +0.21
String operation in Python +0.22
How would I write a function in Racket which produces true if all t... -0.31
In Dr. Racket, how would I display the 2 elements in a list in the... 0.00
Functions missing in Scheme? 0.00
Pascal's Triangle in Racket 0.00
Duplication in Racket 0.00