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Richard Hodges

1480.72 (4,494,137th)
57,694 (1,644th)
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Title Δ
How can I use void template type for compile-time conditional code... -0.62
How to avoid too many arguments in a function. C++ +0.03
How can I expose C++ function pointers in C? -0.03
Boost.beast http::read() returns `bad version` 0.00
Boost ASIO strand: wait for pending tasks to complete 0.00
Providing a method only in a partial specialization -0.47
Way to replace constant item in a map using iterator +1.74
Using type traits on template parameter packs? -0.49
Can a non-const function be called using a non-const pointer and ho... -1.73
How to get correct length of std::u8string in C++? -0.54
How to reuse http::beast::flat_buffer and http::response? 0.00
Fold Expression in C++17 -0.43
Avoid a call to a function that may throw in a destructor -1.16
Call a pair of functions before/after the first/last instance of a... -1.89
How do I implement equality compare operators for Boost.Hana Structs? -0.34
Range-based for loop with auto specifier combined with static_cast -1.80
pointer to texture data - flip data vertically -0.54
size of std::unique_ptr object with custom deleter (a lambda with c... -0.14
Call to overloaded constructor gives ambiguis error C++ 0.00
C++ How to use lambda expression to capture the previous iteration... 0.00
Pass content of a raw memory array (char*) to a std::istream& a... 0.00
Create object and prevent from being destructed +0.02
Working with multiple ifstreams as a vector of ifstreams 0.00
How to pass other template parameter when template class uses param... -1.61
I need the thread function to print the random number for every 2 s... -2.24
Can I forward (the type of) a generic overloaded function without c... -0.56
Is using std::future the best way to safely stop a thread? 0.00
using declaration: one more bug of gcc and clang? -0.78
How does STL containers keep track of the current size of container... +0.50
How to have an unordered_multimap of unordered_multimaps 0.00
Efficient division of an int by intmax -0.85
Output Json Array in cpp using nlohmann 0.00
Date string to epoch seconds (UTC) -1.05
Overriding == operator in C++ -1.86
How do I return a class object to an empty state such that it may b... 0.00
XCode std::string_view auto at global namespace failure +0.01
boost::asio::co_spawn is undefined in MSVC 0.00
C++ How can I improve this bit of template meta-program to give bac... +2.22
Is there a way to force this ambiguity away? -1.93
Is there some meaningful statistical data to justify keeping signed... -1.74
C++ Templates and Memory Allocation 0.00
How to enable a recursive function to avoid stack overflow? 0.00
How to create a sort function that works with lambda expressions? 0.00
Prevent std::move on object? +0.55
How to compare two values given pointer and type +1.44
Idiomatic way to prevent slicing? +0.87
C++ macro to replace .at() with [] +0.66
Unable to pass a proper lambda to emscripten_set_main_loop -0.49
How can I convert enum in C++ code into C -0.47
Fastest way to duplicate bits of an integer +0.40