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Richard Hodges

1496.05 (3,829,805th)
57,694 (1,629th)
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Title Δ
How do I return a class object to an empty state such that it may b... 0.00
XCode std::string_view auto at global namespace failure 0.00
boost::asio::co_spawn is undefined in MSVC 0.00
C++ How can I improve this bit of template meta-program to give bac... 0.00
Is there a way to force this ambiguity away? 0.00
Is there some meaningful statistical data to justify keeping signed... 0.00
C++ Templates and Memory Allocation 0.00
How to enable a recursive function to avoid stack overflow? 0.00
How to create a sort function that works with lambda expressions? 0.00
Prevent std::move on object? 0.00
How to compare two values given pointer and type 0.00
Idiomatic way to prevent slicing? 0.00
C++ macro to replace .at() with [] 0.00
Unable to pass a proper lambda to emscripten_set_main_loop 0.00
How can I convert enum in C++ code into C 0.00
Fastest way to duplicate bits of an integer 0.00
C++14 Make custom iterator, that will go by 2 and returns modified... 0.00
How to store self-removing futures in a list -1.93
What's the right way to use vector of vector in C++? +0.50
Getting a substring from a std::string with iterators -0.71
Almost all forms of String comparisons are not working in C++ 11 0.00
Can't do https-request with boost beast 0.00
If statement(s) in lieu of a while loop -0.13
Default template class lambda -1.32
What is the advantage of returning an object in a static function i... +0.47
Is it sensible to use shared_ptr instead of unique_ptr as class mem... -1.62
How to improve std::set_intersection performance in C++? -1.06
How to fill std::array with range from range-v3? +1.77
Why is the downcast in CRTP defined behaviour 0.00
Validating integer part of an string +2.41
Do Static Variables Impede Data Caching? -0.51
Partial specialization with variadic template parameters that are f... -1.78
Efficient way to find intersection of two vectors with respect to t... -0.33
C++: How to initialize and call a method on std::optional? 0.00
Return object whose destructor has side effects -1.51
boost: asyncroniously wait for future completion +0.30
linker error with templated friend function of templated class when... 0.00
Compare ptr with nullptr in gtest -2.00
Is it legal to have independent shared_ptrs pointing to same object? +1.52
Is there a way for implicit conversion from double to std::array<... -0.77
How to test void function with pass by reference parameter using go... 0.00
Implicit conversion operator T() with template overloads using std:... -0.97
newline is not detected while taking input in C++ +0.73
C++ Similar functions using different data types 0.00
Is base case function mandatory or could it be automatically synthe... +1.41
CMake build error - missing vtable for virtual method error 0.00
How to write a standard-like function that has high overload priority -1.39
Use value of enum class for bitshift shift operator +1.89
Doing the same thing inside various 'if' statements, can be... -0.19
Copy array having only void* of it +2.21