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1459.10 (4,529,190th)
7,369 (21,655th)
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Title Δ
Manipulating an object through its reference +0.55
Problem with get methods not having required arguments 0.00
Java 8 stream Map<String, Map<String, Integer>> return... 0.00
Replace all doubled or tripled letters with single ones -1.31
Replace all doubled or tripled letters with single ones -1.31
What are the use cases of generic non-static methods? +0.41
Is it possible to reference different methods with one method call... 0.00
Two ways of creating subclass that are practically the same? -0.42
I want to use private inner class method (method is public) in juni... -0.44
How to fill a matrix with random integers without repeating them? +0.56
Is it a good idea to use static inner classes in Java as POJOs +0.06
How do I compare the value of an Enum with all possible values of t... -0.71
why use encapsulation for data hiding? +0.06
How to find stream type in java-8 +2.20
Java Class.cast to most specific with method overloading -0.16
Generics - how to pass an array of Objects +2.30
Type cannot be inferred using java generics -0.18
Does abstract class methods have a body or not? -0.05
Why are objects visible to all threads, while a reading thread migh... -0.46
How to define a common type in Java without defining a superclass o... +2.14
Does it make sense that I have to make most of my variables final? +0.09
Copy constructors instead of Clone in java +0.41
How can I create a subgroup of cases in my switch statement? 0.00
Attribute should not be changed after creation +0.02
Comparing objects and enum class? -0.79
Need understanding on "Changes in abstract class will not brea... -0.62
How to keep track of seconds? +1.83
Java Inheritance hierarchy -0.45
Java: Method chaining in derived class -0.67
Why does the equals() method return false when the two objects are... -0.74
Java Garbage Collection, does replacing a variables assignment with... -0.45
How to prune variations of same method obtained by use of Java refl... -1.66
How can I access a java compile time parameter at runtime? -0.45
Shouldn't Java forbid the use of abstract methods in constructo... 0.00
Java: condition obj != null is always true, why? +0.55
Do similar imports in different java files in Android Studio cause... -1.52
I am confused about using static method in Multithreading java? +1.62
OO Design: inheritance vs type (enum) variable +1.14
Trying to pass GregorianDate to constructor in Java 0.00
What is the type of Java class that exposes public variables? 0.00
error while declaring enum within an interface +0.56
Find Day of Week Without Using Calendar function in Java +1.13
Inhertitance breaks encapsulation +0.91
How to capitalize the first letter of a string in a sentence? +0.56
Service provider framework in java +2.22
Java confusing example about '&&' and '||'... +0.57
Add arrays of different lengths -0.43
volatile vs threadLocal in java +0.62
Java automatic return type covariance with generic subclassing -0.42
java ternary operator and lazy evaluation +0.36