An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1760.40 (27th)
69,187 (1,257th)
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Title Δ
button event is not working in fire fox os +3.73
jquery :: on orientationchange does not replace an element -0.03
regular expression for email in jquery.validate.js +4.02
On Click Change Multiple Div Classes in Current Div Only +2.86
How to select the previous element using jquery "on"? -0.86
Angular $compile scope Error with Jquery prepend -2.44
jQuery.html() is not working when trying to populate a ul +3.67
Here i want to load data in ajax hide show div +3.94
Callback function after dom is loaded in angular +4.15
Looping JSON in jQuery 0.00
Finding the nth anchor tag in a div element -2.60
input field should hide when select value is 'others' -2.16
jquery dialog box overlapping with page contents 0.00
How to change class name of Div based on the value of another div u... -0.95
Loop through a table and add class +3.82
click function was executed everytime the document is loaded +3.91
Delete a textbox using jQuery -1.99
Fade the slideDownMenu on the mouseout using jQuery -3.67
jQuery closest div with specific class/id +4.16
How do I make a div show if variable exist in url? -2.65
How to set a timer to go to the next item in the list? +0.17
How to replace Div elements with dynamically generated elements in... -0.13
How to close something when you click on something else? -2.06
How to fix ReferenceError: Can't find variable: jQuery/$ -0.05
How to leave Menu bar from the middle of the page on top while scro... -3.33
jQuery multiple events to trigger the same function (the second eve... +4.18
Add an onClick event to append() +4.06
How to reverse direction of moving div once it reaches side of scre... -2.93
AngularJS Custom Attribute Name Issue -3.87
How to close the custom select option box -0.14
Validtaions using js in login form 0.00
Alternating selector that depends on a sibling -4.12
How can I *HTML*-encode form contents when serializing with jQuery.... +0.21
disable and enabling tooltip not working +0.64
remove all html tag before validation +0.09
How to validate a url with lots of querystrings -3.81