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Jay Jordan

1491.45 (4,146,499th)
296 (402,699th)
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Title Δ
Conditional rendering of JSX based on JSON value not matching 0.00
How to display API data by using multiple returned data from multip... 0.00
How to remove HTML element from DOM with React 0.00
Access a page only if a user has admin role (React, Express, NodeJS... 0.00
You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type, curren... 0.00
Array.splice() results in the value 'undefined' 0.00
Dropdown submenu wont stay open 0.00
ReactJs - Initialize Redux Store from URL query parameters 0.00
Destructure complex object 0.00
EF Core Adding Duplicate Entities To Database 0.00
Bootstrap 4 menu-dropdown and sub-menu-dropdown to have same height 0.00
Why counter is not working after one interval 0.00
When moving JSX content to separate file it doesn't render prop... 0.00
Open url after success in ajax function in core +4.14
Retrieving a value from a child component back to the parent for a... 0.00 Web Api Multiple Custom Objects through Query String 0.00
JavaScript Show/Hide Page Elements Based on Radio Button +4.15
LINQ - How to ignore empty lists in where -1.87
Removing or Ignoring Empty Cells Returned by .getRange() -2.79
What is the correct way to handle this data using jQuery? +0.14
How to convert a Date object to output only hh:mm am/pm -3.90
Countdown timer using js -2.23
JSON with multiple different object's 0.00
How do I put an HTML textarea into a JavaScript web alert/popup? -4.02
webpack 4 TypeError: "Object(...) is not a function" 0.00
Getting strange error in Unity while creating an inventory system 0.00
tabs change back to first tab after a few seconds in Chrome 0.00
React JS - How to authenticate credentials via a fetch statement 0.00
Add string to regex pattern in js +4.15
java script - use event manager to refresh page when string is found 0.00
Can't import css style in React application +0.05
Remove quotes from new JavaScript array -0.75
ASP.NET Start URL set to Post instead of Get? -4.10
How does C# Evaluate an array loop Boolean equilancy? 0.00
Add-Type a type and it cannot read ConfigurationManager.AppSettings... +3.89
How to hide and show bootstrap 4 cards by hovering over navigation... 0.00
Select specific text from content editable div 0.00
How to implement Pagination in [JavaScript] -2.68
Bootstrap .modal() in React (no 3rd party) - 'is not a function... 0.00
JQuery overrides checkbox functionality -2.85
How to change background-image properties (linear-gradient) with jQ... -4.10
`node.contains` is undefined in IE 11 when calling from a React ref... 0.00
Better way to write this (jQuery) +4.18
Generator Runtime error when added babel-preset-env and babel-prese... 0.00
Show the form only when a radio button is selected +4.03
Having a function execute different pieces of logic depending on th... -3.72
Generate Classes from multiple webservices using maven 0.00
IntelliJ IDEA: how to restrict project tree view to a couple of fol... 0.00
React-Redux, how to subscribe to changes in state and apply actions 0.00
Response code strings from JSON API 0.00