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Mike Samuel

1578.57 (3,061st)
97,319 (769th)
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Title Δ
Javascript don't updating randomElement() 0.00
why size of signed bytes is not equal to -128 to 128? +0.41
Java Google guava multimap: Get all the list entrys +2.15
How to convert string into html format using ejs in javascript -0.11
Object reference comparison in JavaScript +0.39
How many literals are there in javascript? +1.61
(async () => { })(); what is this? 0.00
Convert Buffer to integer in JavaScript 0.00
Java - \pL [\x00-\x7F]+ regex fails to get non English characters u... -0.42
Is code injection possible in the test string of a RegExp? -1.13
Is function () { this.array = [newElem, ...array] } pure? +1.89
Loading a Web Page Directly from a JavaScript File Exclusively -0.21
How to "reverse format" -0.23
How do I show constructor comments within javadocs? +0.38
Java ArrayList sort two lists in same order +0.41
Generating an array in java from percentage +0.32
Create method chain before object exists -0.47
Finding postgres executables on travis-ci 0.00
Google code-prettify Code highlighting not working for Polymer 3 -0.36
NumberFormatException while converting Hexadecimal String to Long -0.21
Java - Map generic type to consumer of said type -1.06
Using JsonSanitizer for Java Objects 0.00
Java overloaded methods and null parameter 0.00
Java 8: RegExp - range with various separators 0.00
Regular expressions: grab part of string -0.24
Error: int cannot be converted to class? 0.00
Why include abstract classes in the java language? +0.39
Use code-prettify in javascript using local pretty.css? 0.00
Disable Content Security Policy in JSP/Spring 0.00
How to convert Hex to uint32_t in nodejs 0.00
Web security. Am I protecting my REST api properly? (node.js express) +0.92
Array becomes an Integer after applying unshift on it -2.30
What is the state of the art approach for creating own rules for Go... 0.00
Markup ommited by Google Code Prettify 0.00
Regular Expression for repeating letters false and true? -1.20
Java ClassPath with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError 0.00
Guidelines for Google Code Prettify 0.00
complementary generic classes -2.47
Why isn't Google Code Prettify working on css? 0.00
Custom HTML elements 0.00
Substitue reflection to improve performance 0.00
How to use nextSibling in HTML -2.17
JS, HTML. Google prettify. How to insert prettified html code into... 0.00
Add or remove element in array -0.38
Javascript logic notations +0.39
Java: Condition not checked on empty while loop? 0.00
Regex pattern match performance in Java for long string -1.82
Using XmlPlexusConfiguration to import more configuration for a bea... 0.00
Comparing in Mini Java 0.00
Python Source Code encodings does not work -0.64