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Charles Eli Cheese

1372.82 (4,409,274th)
717 (201,545th)
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Title Δ
Does using large libraries inherently make slower code? -1.02
Is multiple inheritance acceptable for nodes in a tree? -1.25
How to return different classes from one function? -0.52
How to explain undefined behavior to know-it-all newbies? +0.18
Dynamic memory use in class member -0.84
How are 3D games so efficient? -0.30
Thread limit in Unix before affecting performance +0.22
Trace large C++ code base? -0.32
Search a large file for data in C/C++ -0.57
Is using Java the proper language/platform for developing a GUI bas... +0.44
Alternative to Factory Pattern when creating templated objects - C++ -0.23
Does using a C++ namespace increase coupling? -1.52
What are the pros and cons of using Matrices, Euler Angles, and or... -1.46
How do I predict serious memory fragmentation issue is likely to ha... -1.57
Ideas for good performance optimisations in C++ +1.87
Why is this code slower even if the function is inlined? -0.63
A reference can not be NULL or it can be NULL? +3.40
How to quickly debug when something wrong in code workflow? -1.28
What is the Java equivalent of C++'s templates? -1.02
Memory leaks in Debug mode -1.46
How do I force a particular instance of a C++ template to instantia... -0.03
Best way to comparing perormance of different version of library 0.00
C++ specific patterns due to language design -0.86
How to avoid out parameters? -0.79
Fast and elegant one-way mapping of known integer values +1.14
How does a compiler deal with inlined exported functions? +2.89
Design options for references into a thread safe cache when evictin... -0.27
Why can't I put a "using" declaration inside a class decl... -2.71
Switch optimization for many cases guarantees equal access time for... -0.80
get heap corruption when changing member variables order -1.15
Generic Alpha Beta Search with C++ -1.74
C++ Namespaces, comparison to Java packages -1.09
quickly invalidate cache -2.64
Has anyone seen this improvement to quicksort before? -2.82
Why does silverlight exist? +0.22
How is C++ std::vector implemented? -1.67
Why global and static variables are initialized to their default va... -2.37
why is resource management order important? +5.04
What do you dislike most about some of your favorite C++0x features? +1.55
auto_ptr baffling behaviour -2.53
boost, shared ptr Vs weak ptr? Which to use when? -2.74
VC++ Library Clashing Problem -2.66
Is it okay to inherit implementation from STL containers, rather th... -1.16
C++ virtual function execution efficiency -1.13
Tips for writing a DBMS +5.02
General C++ Performance Improvement Tips -0.54
Why does valgrind say basic SDL program is leaking memory? -2.96
How many CPUs are needed before Erlang is faster than single-thread... -2.82
I need an algorithm to find the best path -2.92
Memory related errors -2.30