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Mike Seymour

1722.24 (78th)
219,975 (198th)
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Title Δ
std::string::reserve() and std::string::clear() conundrum -1.66
C++11 Uniform initialization for constructor and operator= +0.21
Difference between vector and list +0.22
Initialize Const variable of struct -0.10
Object's type in a has-a relationship - C++ -0.36
C++ saving the return value of the member function setf() +1.19
After declaring an array, all elements somehow become the last elem... -1.62
Assign type of variable and class 0.00
Read float and insert to an array of const char * +0.63
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol 0.00
implicit conversion of vector from one type to another c++ +0.70
C++ code became no-linear when using exception +0.22
Is this allowed: memcpy(dest, src, 0) +0.22
Returning a object created on heap by constant reference 0.00
Caching of expression evaluations for repeated input data -0.51
I am getting an error regarding std::istream and int x 0.00
Understanding const operator +0.81
Why strcmp returns int but not char? +0.96
Will the value of the memory location following an array always be... +0.78
Incomplete type is not allowed on static member +1.27
What types in C++ are enumerated types? -0.79
Discussion about std::vector<T> and standard array +1.26
srand() + rand() with local scope +0.91
What's the c++ standard in const postion in parameter passing? +0.87
I want to check if a class instance is already stored in a std::vec... -0.87
Dynamic_cast object to the same type +0.20
How can I use the default C++ string constructor in Visual Studio? +1.21
How to write pointers of an object into a file? 0.00
How to allocate memory dynamically for a char array in C++? +0.19
map: Bad Ptr even if the key was found -0.97
Difference in two for nested loops.(C++) +0.22
c++ strings and pointers confusion -0.26
Use boost::circular_buffer<T> as STL container 0.00
Class has no member "Class" -0.84
why only char* is a <Bad Ptr>, and not other data types? -1.94
Why won't my C++ file run 0.00
Safe and Efficient Type Punning in C++ 0.00
C++ - Reference where to put it? +0.22
How to count no of elements before a given element in std::set -0.89
template friend functions of template class +0.22
Issue warning and compiling with warnings-as-errors violates compli... 0.00
Single line comment continuation +1.11
Passing enum as parameter to a constructor +0.68
Function overload using 'Const' 0.00
Why SGI STL don't use the copy-and-swap idiom? -0.07
C++ Functors explanation +0.21
Why virtual & static keywords aren't allowed outside class... +0.39
Template class copy constructor parameter with or without template... +0.72
Why are unsigned integers error prone? -0.40
input parameters on C++ file to a global variable -0.28