An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1606.70 (1,486th)
47,233 (2,188th)
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Title Δ
Selector for locating the second element not within the same parent +1.19
Laravel Socialite first and last name 0.00
Having Issue On Setting Default Selected & Getting Selected Val... 0.00
Bootstrap set active class for multilevel menu 0.00
Google map markers are not displaying with ajax json data 0.00
How to retain text change on Javascript after reloading browser? +0.92
Cannot set session variables in a page that is handling session.upl... 0.00
Load tabs remotely using bootstrap 3 with ID +0.33
$_POST & Text-Transformation not interacted as expected -0.79
css :not selector to target everything but a condition +0.85
Rotate Font Awesome Icon On Click 0.00
Bootstrap tabs not displaying correctly when window too small 0.00
array_merge two like arrays: unsetting right hand side causes left... -0.15
jQuery capture ID of clicked element -0.34
Find and manipulate a HTML DIV element that is stored in a variable... +1.08
adding 2 arrays to a new array in JS +0.60
Append Array to Output to JSON after Looping with PHP 0.00
Unable to pass array variable in email with codeigniter 0.00
Google maps. Blank Image 0.00
Placing a single black border around the popup image in Magnific Po... 0.00
Get unique value of one attribte from array of associative arrays -0.02
Get attribute and assign function 0.00
bootstrap twitter glyphicon shadow css 0.00
CSS border - box without corners +1.47
How to Add/remove 'prev' and 'next' classes to caro... 0.00
Bootstrap Carousel: images not behaving responsively? 0.00
jquery removes checked class but in php the checkbox comes in $_POST 0.00
Use $(this) in an outside function +1.30
Hover Effect Multiple Child Elements 0.00
Shortcode showing single post only 0.00
Bootstrap affix attribute to have a fixed nav below a header 0.00
can I define in CSS look of DIV being empty? (no children elements) 0.00
Issue on Setting Bootstrap 3 Breadcrumb Content 0.00
How to enable button when text is entered in the text fields with b... -0.14
input=file change doesnt work 0.00
CSS max-width property does not render correctly 0.00
Bootstrap toggle buttons inside popover content not working +1.24
CSS: Text on Hover while keeping self correcting grid layout -0.15
Working with percentage in arrays 0.00
Remove class from 'all' filter on Select 0.00
Retrieve dynamic variable in external bootstrap modal content 0.00
join two simple arrays into two dimentioanl array in PHP +0.35
What to use to get full screen element in twitter bootstrap? 0.00
Bootstrap how to align side by side a button and a link 0.00
PHP CodeIgniter Foreach Returning Incorrect Data 0.00
nav-pills stretching full width, does not work using % 0.00
Bootstrap Glyphicon as button +0.35
jquery $.post and php $_POST +1.89
Simplest way to apply CSS background color to nth child 3 to 10 +0.36
multiple keys using local storage -0.14