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Duncan C

1481.55 (4,490,487th)
97,234 (771st)
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Title Δ
App Termination when button clicked swift 0.00
Why do I get EXC_BAD_ACCESS when using %1$s for String(format:) 0.00
How can I animate the corner radius of a CALayer 0.00
Is there any way to call an endpoint after every 5 minutes with app... 0.00
iOS accessibility: how to label buttons that have content that can... 0.00
Stains on images captured with AVFoundation 0.00
How would I change the value of a UILabel from a different class in... -1.78
Can a function argument's type be a specific enum 'case'? -0.47
SwiftUI: Two-finger swipe ( scroll ) gesture 0.00
Property Observer in Swift -1.50
What is the difference between below code snippets? -1.98
Swift - What is a better alternative to Global Variables? 0.00
Default value won't set to Nil? - Swift +0.51
How to create conditional questions in a form for an ios app? -1.89
Calculating the max of a field across a set of data structures -0.33
Multiple loop for range? For a certain range? 0.00
cannot convert value of type 'Range<Int32>' to expect... 0.00
Random URL in Swift 5 / Swift UI -1.86
Passing Data From View Controller B using a button to View Contolle... 0.00
Looping through an array of URLS 0.00
Keep recording audio while navigating to another screen 0.00
date components in swift returns next year from end year date +0.50
iOS How to achieve my drawing using a bezier path? +2.75
How to convert date in 12 or 24 hour time format to "internet&... +0.52
value becomes null after function swift 0.00
How to initialize an empty struct? -0.29
swapping variables +0.24
UIButton Not Clickable when added UITabbar -0.47
Initializer for conditional binding must have Optional type, not &#... 0.00
Unable to login all registered users using userdefaults in swift -0.12
Why am I getting the error "EXC_BAD_ACCESS" 0.00
Why can't I edit the button shape? -0.55
In a table view controller when adding a container view, how can I... +1.33
Moving IBOutlet views 0.00
How to slice an array into a custom time period? 0.00
Swift UIStackView spacing with nested stack view(s) +1.53
Calculate Distance between two Coordinates and display it inside an... -1.00
How do I re-use a block of code for a closure in Swift / Xcode 12.3 +0.40
How to append Dictionary value in Swift 0.00
No exact matches in call to subscript [Swift] -1.18
Swift disable touchesEnded -0.48
iOS Swift Mapkit annotations order 0.00
How do you add a button to a UIPickerView? -0.49
Get particular index from array -0.12
How to do popViewController from another class? 0.00
How to load JSON Data into FSCalendar Swift 5 -0.00
"this class is not key value coding-compliant" when using... 0.00
Problem displaying list of views when using dictionary as input wit... 0.00
I'm trying to load a collectionView in a TableViewController an... 0.00
Swift - Dismiss two controllers wrong order +0.23