An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rufus L

1574.16 (3,581st)
20,124 (6,770th)
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Title Δ
looking to combine all list of objects into single string 0.00
using continue and break statements properly for a game 0.00
What is the best way to collect exception in non-blocking for-loop... +1.56
How to prevent recursive in copying files and dirs? -0.58
Isosceles Triangle c# -0.34
Create a class to store classes that use different interfaces -1.58
Check if element in list of lists contains another list 0.00
Quickest way to compare two generic lists C# +0.39
Odd-Even Index String Sort +0.85
I have custom data which is return from stored procedure so I need... 0.00
Making short lists from LINQ queries -0.43
C# Append at last line a character on all then one by one? -0.36
C# check if strictly all characters in one string exist in ano... +0.38
How to find in a folder the newest file following a pattern but als... 0.00
Paste Ascii Art in center of console +0.39
Rock, Paper, Scissors in C# +0.38
Columns and rows in a 2D array? +0.43
Is there any possible way to check which Split() element is used? -0.16
Method parameter intellisence 0.00
c# - How to remove matching items from a list using Linq or otherwise +0.40
Replace if number statements with text -0.35
How do you store the index position of a repeated keyword and store... -0.60
Iterating through a string array and filling a dictionary type with... 0.00
How to make an if loop that loops something until a key is pressed 0.00
Determining the date logic based on a given string in c# +0.39
How to convert to a double in c# -0.71
How to check if my date range is totally covered by CONSECUTIVE rows? +0.02
How to remove all instances inside a list where a contained list do... 0.00
How to validate a 5 characters input of textbox that the first 3 ch... -0.35
Sort list by price c# -0.09
c# Selection Sort Is Setting Weight of One Object To Another Instea... 0.00
How can i compare date without time part in linq? +0.39
Any tip to use ASCII characters? 0.00
Sort and slice multiple arrays +0.38
Getting the largest value from an object in a list in another list... 0.00
search for hyperlinks in String -0.11
How to output a collection to console in the same way as the immedi... +1.50
How can I prevent C# and Selenium from exiting code 0 -0.11
Using IComparable in list<T> with different inheritance relat... +0.41
C# store each wlan profile in an ObservableCollection 0.00
C# create Filewatcher object in loop 0.00
c# create list of class with generic type -0.10
Creating new string lists from a Dictionary of lists ( i.e from a d... 0.00
Compile-time detection of missing IComparable interface in generic... 0.00
Set variable based on whether an exception is thrown or not in .NET... 0.00
Randomizing the locations 0.00
CMD, C# & Java won't let me use environment variables set o... 0.00
Is there a simple way to use 2 different classes, in other classes... -0.10
How to select a property from an anonymous type 0.00
How can i make a label always show changing text? +0.40