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Moinuddin Quadri

1602.78 (1,669th)
29,596 (4,151st)
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Title Δ
Intersection needed for multiple lists without knowing the content... -2.31
Quicker way to join multiple lists passed as args to a Python funct... -0.64
Removing words from a sentence before a keyword from a specific list -0.16
Replace symbols in a string with conflicting keys in a dictionary -0.43
How to create N lists of sizes by equally distributing the given nu... 0.00
Finding unique list in list of list of tuples -0.16
How to get all possible combination of two list in python +0.35
Case insensitive comparison of user input string +0.33
How to skip trailing zeroes from decimal in Python's f-strings? +0.36
Python List Manipulation With Regex +1.58
How to convert multiple list in dictionary in python -0.84
find the index of the first value in x that is greater than 0.999 +0.39
How to update my list of dictionary with nested for loops? +0.94
Remove duplicates from a list with python 0.00
Fill a list with a for loop python -0.71
Trying to add elements to a list inside "for" loop overwr... +0.37
Python: Unable to convert integer to string JSON's value -1.74
How to change the string type list to a list type and then drop nan... -0.67
How can I drop non string type 'nan' from list 0.00
How do I convert string to float values using str functions and str... -1.10
python list of items (dicts) to group data +0.36
How to convert multiple list to dictionary +1.47
How to find index of next similar letter in a string -0.37
Fetch value of specific key from nested dictionary and store values... +0.95
Find closest string match from list 0.00
split or separate this list wherever there is an empty list `[]` us... +0.35
Group element in a list to create dictionary based on digits as keys +0.71
Create string of keys from list of dictionaries 0.00
Python access nested list +0.53
Moving specific number (without sort) to the left of list +0.72
Specify a Default Offset for Python List +1.54
Why am I getting TypeError 'list' object is not callable wh... +0.35
Confusion to figure out between attribute or method in Python -2.36
Split list of strings into two separate lists based on comma +0.31
How to remove empty or None fields in deeply nested dictionary of u... +1.32
Replace dictionary's value list with corresponding key-value ma... +0.88
common strings in two lists of strings in Python -2.90
Execution order of nested dictionary comprehension 0.00
How to remove the matched values in two lists separately in python? +0.36
Creating list of dictionaries from a dictionary using list comprehe... 0.00
How can I merge multiple dictionaries and add the values of the sam... +0.37
How to get all the Falsy variables without using `if` statements 0.00
Remove first word from the sentence and return remaining string -0.04
Replace string prefix in list of strings based on unicode code (asc... -0.83
Find intersection of words from two list of strings +0.36
Sum lists of lists -0.39
Why set.intersection() works on `list` object as argument? +0.36
Find intersection of words in two strings in python 0.00
Get element from list of list based on index from another list +0.28
Regex to extract first 5 digit+character from last hyphen -0.84