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1616.19 (1,211th)
176,674 (287th)
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Title Δ
Select between 2 columns using 1 value in MySQL 0.00
How convert "string with array format" to array in php? 0.00
Can I store a function rather than its result to a dictionary value... +1.17
MYSQL syntax - how to use where query with conditional statement in... 0.00
SQL query: strange SUM behaviour 0.00
JSON payload validates against schema even though field is missing 0.00
Aggregate function GROUP_CONCAT in MySQL 0.00
Replace substring with its exact length of another character +1.59
Array rank transform giving unexpected result 0.00
How do you perform math operation on all dictionaries in a list and... -0.16
How to read independent indented JSON objects from a file (JSON Lin... 0.00
How is the timeoutID accessible before initialization? -1.11
Why will with code not let me in even though I have the right passw... -0.20
Why isn't this table being sorted correctly? +1.19
str_replace is replacing only the first variable in an array in php -2.03
Defining functions w/ for loop & if statement to return array &... 0.00
Flatten list of dictionaries with multiple key, value pairs +0.95
Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid left-hand side in assignment in JQuer... 0.00
How to use JSON_EXTRACT to get values of a string index 0.00
i have a line from html 'copy element' and i am trying to m... 0.00
Converting string to binary and back to string is not the same with... 0.00
JavaScript if/else conditions 0.00
How to update a dictionary to add to a list in Python +0.32
Given a string, how can I use JavaScript to remove all 'HTML ta... -1.68
PHP - Sort json array descending order 0.00
How can I read the syntax of this python dictionary insertion? -1.53
How to find and replace dictionary values which is present in list -0.16
comparing infinity with a number javascript 0.00
RadioGroup not updating bound value +0.37
How to constantly trigger an event when hovered over that element? +0.87
Is there a better solution to pop some items from a list using a lo... 0.00
Javascript prevent question mark input 0.00
How to create a dictionary of word parts from the words that start... -2.38
User input loop +0.34
How to "undo" `bytes()` encoding for a string? 0.00
How to add an index to each option as a value? 0.00
PHP: Accepting a base 64 encoded image and saving it to JPG 0.00
capitalizing the first letter in a text after split 0.00
Replace specific values in a list with values from another list -0.49
mysql json where clause 0.00
How to take value using regular expressions? +0.75
Why are all classes affected by changes to one class? -1.84
Function return on an int returns undefined +0.56
Read indices stored in a list 0.00
How to save multiple values to a file in python -0.33
Why do you have to wrap parenthesis around a number to called toFix... -0.53
Inconsistent line-feed rendering with PHP echo 0.00
Python json.loads changes the order of the object +1.45
python Fetch records from SQL Server using arrays in python 0.00
Traffic Light Sequence Javascript +0.36