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Stephen Newell

1517.37 (36,797th)
3,971 (42,088th)
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Title Δ
What are the advantages or implications of using assert vs exit or... 0.00
Why does GCC delete my code on O3 but not on O0? 0.00
Is there any reason to wrap a Lambda in a named function? 0.00
dynamic base class constructor call in derived class constructor in... 0.00
Why does deleting a valid heap-allocated pointer give "free():... 0.00
How to get the size of a std::bitset from another class? 0.00
#define c-preprocessor constants ... what did I wrong? 0.00
posix_spawn() : Problem with error handling when using posix_spawn() 0.00
Writing Template function when called without template arguments 0.00
Is there a way to prompt user what data type to use as template c++ 0.00
push_back copy objects even for temps although stating otherwise in... 0.00
Weird bug while reading a file C++ 0.00
Generate Random 20 Non-repeating numbers in C++ +1.95
Make a user defined variable array -0.02
Covert gcc arguments to CMake file 0.00
Add interface library as SYSTEM in modern CMake -1.88
how to pick a random word from external file to class? 0.00
Why C standard library does not provide a function for knowing the... +0.13
How to make a superclass that encapsulates a thread with RAII 0.00
Can I destruct and object and then instaciate it again with the sam... +1.16
C++ 2 layers of returns in lambda functions -1.94
The cmake quandary 0.00
Sorting an creates a problem in user defined function 0.00
Why does sorting make this branchless code faster? 0.00
Lifetime of temporary with assignment operator to check and align a... 0.00
C++ fork process but not as child 0.00
Can a "lightweight tag" point to a tree object or blob ob... 0.00
How come my output is segmentation failure? 0.00
Why does the method getNodeSuccess work, but not getNodeFail? 0.00
The element without default constructor in the custom template cont... +2.45
How to push int/float variadic arguments into vector<double>? +0.46
Assigning of unordered_map to pair of objects 0.00
C++ - Return reference on the calling object +0.47
CMake For Google Test 0.00
cannot send nor receive data through sockets 0.00
Derived class calls an inherited function that uses non-inherited m... 0.00
Compiler Error: No appropriate default constructor avaible 0.00
How to fix 'Segmentation Error' when there are no pointers? -1.50
How to return a "null" value for an iterator? 0.00
Insertion in Singly Linked List running on infinite loop +1.23
how to call destructor on some of the objects in a Dynamic Array +2.27
How to initialize template class with another template as parameter? +2.20
C++ 11: Mutex & Condition Variable Cannot be Copied -0.28
codelite unittest++/UnitTest++.h: no such file or directory 0.00
Get pointer to self inside class 0.00
c++ pointer issue involving delete operation -1.55
Collect all header files when compiling static library 0.00
C++11 rvalue issue 0.00
strlen not returning correct number of characters -1.44
Is there a compiler switch in gcc that prevents leaking of random d... 0.00