An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1484.41 (4,349,524th)
1,739 (94,699th)
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Title Δ
TypeScript Type Definitions for SharePoint 2010 CSOM (JavaScript) a... 0.00
How to add a solution in SharePoint when the UAC is Enabled? -1.83
Data Transfer Classes in SOA +0.22
How do you make threaded GUI applications in WinForms correctly? -2.21
Display custom errors when using ASP.NET MembershipProvider 0.00
Oracle BI get data from sharepoint list 0.00
Caching architecture advise for a specific scenario -3.89 fileupload control and file name +4.63
.NET keep application alive while waiting for task to complete -0.07
Exiting a thread that does not have a loop -2.68
Is a variant of this possible with C# Generics? +4.19
Grab innertext from an anchor serverside 0.00
Automatically assign authentication token in .NET +1.68
Is there a kind of design pattern or a methodology to delete a reco... +3.89
Why aren't data repositories static? -4.07
Increment a number within a string (C#) +3.72
ASP.NET MVC -URL structure recommendations -3.42
Filters on an N:M relation 0.00
Where should connection strings be stored in a n-tier appli... -3.59
Asynchronous WebRequests using C# -3.74
SQL: search of nearest in 2d square and circle +4.21
Object OOP Vs Prototype OOP 0.00
NULL comparison, take 2 +2.88
How to close (not kill) another application that doesn't have a vis... -3.86
Converting an int into a 4 byte char array (C) -3.44
How to download only the headers with WebRequest 0.00
Binding DropdownList in Domain Driven Design -4.07
C# Generics to avoid code repetition? -1.38
read write excel file on server -4.20
ASP.NET MVC 2.0 How to pass data from controller to Jquery -1.95
Are there any SCM solutions designed for use on the local machine o... +1.88
ASP.Net MVC Form action in returned View +0.19
is view in the database updatable? -1.86
Why does F#’s Collections.Seq module basically reimplement all the... -1.11
Entity Framework - redundant connection string -1.78
building an XDocument with a webclient downloaded string +6.66
Strategy Pattern replacing if/else or case statments 0.00
How to model this classes/database tables? -3.92
Open MS Word in compare mode programatically 0.00
Should LINQ be avoided because it's slow? +1.26 mvc2 Routes -4.16
Clear Console Buffer 0.00
Can we add multiple files using a single ASP.NET FileUpload control? 0.00
Return all values from IN Clause on SQL Server 2000 -1.53
Some languages and uses for monads +1.47
ASP MVC variable to javascript? -0.07
ASP.NET MVC: posting a certain object to the controller) 0.00
Refactor my C# code : if-else statement and code repetition +4.36
Is there a simple way to asynchronously render a report in SSRS 200... 0.00
Sharepoint 2007 cross-site workflow -0.03